Note Mania: excellent sticky note app with unique features

2009-09-30_205417During the summer I proclaimed Stickies to be one of the best sticky note application out there; and the praise for Stickies is well deserved considering how feature filled and easy to use it is (I especially like the ability of Stickies to share notes over a network). Note Mania is another sticky note app which is very similar to Stickies, yet different enough to write about (read on if you are curious).

Note Mania has all of the norm features one expects in a sticky note application…

  • Create unlimited sticky notes easily (via system tray icon or hotkey)
  • Add alarms (option to set reoccurring alarms) to each individual sticky note
  • Edit the cosmetics of each note (color, font, opacity, etc.)
  • Easily duplicate notes
  • All notes snap to each other for easily alignment
  • Set sticky notes to either float on desktop or “stay on top” of all windows
  • Show/hide notes at will
  • Unicode support

…but also has nice “extra” features you are not likely to find with other sticky note applications:

  • Ability to view and manage all notes in a “pad” window


  • Can read RSS feeds


Clicking on the browser icon (Firefox in my case) opens the link displayed in the feed in your internet browser.

  • Has a built in calendar



You can add notes to each date.

  • Can schedule websites or files to launch automatically;


You can launch many different things including a file, program, URL, e-mail or even another note.

  • New notes automatically display the content of Windows Clipboard


All the above features done in a very computer resource efficient manner: 2-5 MB of RAM usage varying on if the program is idle or if you are actively using it (less than 1 MB of RAM while idle if you allow CleanMem to do its thing).

However, there are two user-friendly features which I think the developer should consider adding…

  • The ability to “lock” notes in place. I find often times I may accidentally click + drag and move notes around.
  • The ability to select multiple notes and move them all at once as a “group” instead of having to moving them all individually.

…and there are three improvements to existing features which I think the developer shoulder consider making:

  • Adding RSS feeds to Note Mania is tricky. You have to first add them through your internet browser then configure it through Note Mania:
  • If your web browser is Internet Explorer, feeds you subscribe (in the root folder only) using the browser are automatically available in Note Mania too. You can just open Note Mania’s Preferences dialog and configure your note feeds.
  • If your web browser is Firefox, when you subscribe to a feed, select Choose Application… then “feedmania.exe”, which is in the folder Note Mania is installed. The feed will then be available for you to configure in Note Mania’s Preferences dialog.

I believe the Note Mania feature would be a lot more easier to use if the process of adding RSS feeds was more in house.

  • Make the alarm system more “powerful”. As it stands, the “alarm” just rings/beeps/plays (depending on what sound you have selected – only .WAV is supported) for a few seconds then turns off. There is no snooze or ability to set how long the alarm plays or an alarm reminder in writing. The developer may just want to consider separating the “alarm feature” from the “schedule” feature (currently to create an alarm you must “schedule” a note) so the user has more options to work with.
  • When reading an RSS feed, organize the notes created by the RSS feed automatically. The screen of the RSS feed you see above is how it looks after I organized it. Initially it looked like this:


All things considered, however, Note Mania is an excellent sticky notes application. Now is it “better” than Stickies? No. However Stickies is not “better” than Note Mania either. While they both have overlapping features, they both also have distinct unique features which will help you decide if you want to use Note Mania or Stickies. Here is a quick comparison of the major differences:

Note Mania can/has…

  • Read RSS feeds
  • Launch website/email/file at a scheduled time
  • Built in calendar

…while Stickes can/has:

  • Better alarm system
  • Ability to share notes over a network

So either toss a coin or make a calculated decision about which one to use. Both are excellent in my opinion.

You can grab Note Mania from the following link:

Version Reviewed: v1.0.3

Supported OS: Windows XP+

Note Mania homepage [download page]

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  • Hudson

    Be sure to download/use Note Mania QT v1.0.3: It has NO trial period.
    All created notes will REMAIN on desktop after a sys restart! :)

  • Giovanni

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    You can take your pick….


    Finally more Professional people, may use the following FREE (Italian) GEM to organize their daily tasks in a very easy and more effective way:


  • ebony

    I tried to get this file and give it a test drive and attempted to dl it and got this message

    Opening cnet2_NMQSetup_exe.exe
    You have chosen to open
    E3 cnet2_NMQSetup_exe.exe
    which is a: Binary File
    Would you like to save this file?

    what is a exe.exe?

  • Hesham

    I am using Turbo note+. I believe it is wonderful as it has alsmot all the featues you mentioned of Stickies and note mania combined, except one feature: ability to launch files automoatically on schedule.
    The disadvantage is that it is not free. It you exceed the free trial period, it keeps working without drop in functionality. However, if you Right click any note or the program icon in the status bar, a nag screen will pop-up counting reversely to zero before you can do anything with the program. After reaching zero, you have all the features ready back.
    The good thing is that most of the handy functions (copy, paste, alarm, change appearance,,, etc) can be accessed with Keyboard short cuts, so you don’t need to right click in order to paste (Ctrl-V will attach the text, or picture you want to send to someone on the same network. Ctrl-Enter will let you choose the recepient and attach an MP3 or any other file).

  • Mr.J

    @Ashraf: I think OneNote was not supposed to take this kind of “note”. OneNote was used to take note* (the kind of note you take/write in/into the notebook, not the kind of “Post-it”). My school recently just started the scheme of going “digital”, and I got a change to mess around with it. Basically, it’s just a text editor in which you can insert text at any position, plus some screenshot, media files, etc… It’s good for those who don’t want to organize a whole load of word documents at the end of the course. Microsoft Word/OpenOffice worked perfectly fine for me :D.

  • Ozzie

    I love a multi-tasker. Is there anything it can’t do?! :) I had to laugh though – it sounded like one of those ads for some dubious product: “And how much would you expect to pay for this little beauty … but wait, there’s more!” If it cleans my floors as well, then I’m sold.

  • Ashraf

    @CKOShea: I am pretty sure Stickies can do the “attach to a program” and “hide all icons in one go”. If you have Stickies installed, create a note, right click on it and select the “attach” feature. To hide all, right click on the system tray icon and select “show/hide all”.

    As for my suggestions: yes Stickies has the same problem of being unable to “lock” the sticky notes but it can move multiple sticky notes around as a group. The other three problems are not present in Stickies.

  • CKOShea

    I Would like a sticky note program that lets you make notes and attach them to specific files as well as what they do above. For instance I have an Excel file and I want to make a quick note that I need to do something next time I work on it. So when I next open the file the sticky note will be there and also be reflected on a todo list of all of my sticky notes. Most MS programs have sticky notes or notes you can add, but they aren’t reflected anywhere else, it would be nice to track all of your sticky notes wherever you have them in one place.

    It might be great too, if you could attach sticky notes to new programs, that come up whenever you open that program so you can record a trick or shortcut that you discovered etc. And what about sticky notes on shortcuts or icons, so when you move over the shortcut or icon your note appears and gives you some particular information you may not remember otherwise about that program.

    I don’t know, do these ideas make sense to you or would it be too cumbersome to manage in one program?

    Also, a hide & unhide feature for all desktop stickies would be nice, so you can clean off your desktop at a push of the button and bring it back when the boss leaves or whatever.

    I also like your suggestions. Are those things just a problem with NoteMania or is it the same with Stickies? Guess I should pick one and try it out, right now I have MS “Sticky Notes” It’s kind of limited. I have OneNote 2003 also, never got around to using it, I guess I should check it out.

    P.S. Great site! I always read your info on GAOTD, I’m glad I decided to check it out some more.

  • Ashraf

    @Farrukh: Wasalaam. I am glad you find Stickies and Note Mania useful – you are welcome =).

    I have OneNote but don’t use it; never have, and I doubt I ever will take the time to learn it either.

  • AOA Ashraf

    I’m very fond of such utilities and I used Stickies before and it was also good.

    Note Mania is another very useful tool.

    I’ve been using Microsoft One Note and one of its feature is awesome that you can quickly edit the text on note by just clicking on it. And that makes it very useful, while in a meeting or class, I can take notes very quickly and format these
    Microsoft One Note has lots of professional features, but it lacks 1 great feature if compared to NoteMania or Stickies i.e. Its Not Free :)

    Thanks a lot for another useful tool.