CopyPasteCharacter: Easily copy special symbols/characters and paste them anywhere you like

Unicode is a beauty. With over a 100,000 characters to its name, Unicode not only enables use of non-Latin character languages but it also enables users to use special characters and symbols like, say, a snowman. The problem is many of these special characters and symbols are often hard to type with a normal keyboard, requiring users to know the trick involved with each one. Well CopyPasteCharacter will have none of that.

CopyPasteCharacter is a website that does one simple thing: It allows users to copy special characters/symbols to Windows clipboard, after which users can paste the characters/symbols wherever they like. Do take note, though, many of characters/symbols will only work where Unicode is supported.

Using CopyPasteCharacter is very easy:

  • Visit their website.
  • Click on the character/symbol you want to copy.
  • Paste it wherever you want.

Users that want to copy multiple characters at one time can hold the alt key on their keyboard and click on multiple characters/symbols; all characters and symbols clicked on while holding the alt key are copied to Windows clipboard together.

These are all the characters/symbols CopyPasteCharacter supports:


  • Users that decide they no longer want the copied character(s)/symbol(s) can clear Windows clipboard by clicking on Clear located at the top:

  • The special characters/symbols can be copied in their HTML format. Users that want the HTML format need to click on As HTML in the top bar:

Clicking on As Text gets you back to text format.

  • There is an iPhone app available from iTunes for you iPhone users. I don’t know if its a free app or not – bloody iTunes website won’t let me view the app without downloading iTunes.

You can access CopyPasteCharacter from the following link:

Browsers supported: All browsers that run Flash

CopyPasteCharacter homepage

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  • Rob (Down Under)

    Different Robert.
    If you describe your desires, I may have one that fits your needs.
    EG –
    – Launch programs, Open files, open web pages(from URL)
    – When minimized it only has a SysTray Icon
    – Single Left click of that sysTray Icon, shows the Form
    – etc

    For your web links, would you be interested in an application where you can store all your web shortcuts.
    You can create Folders in the left list (similar to Windows Explorer’s left list)
    You can have sub folders (sub categories).
    And then you create your web shortcut in those folders. (Name, URL, Description if you want one)
    It resides in the SysTray, and a single left click shows the Form. Double click the URL to launch it.


  • ebony


    Thanks for the tip on Windows’ “Character Map”.

    What quick launch do you use. I am looking for something that is not so cumbersome. Have tried several but still not satisfied.

  • @jim van damme: Yes. 99¢ = $0.99

  • Rob (Down Under)

    PS I took a punt and installed it.
    Someone mentioned that with my ‘Notes as part of the desktop graphic idea’, that the notes could get lost.
    Before I used such a program, I would ensure that the notes are stored somewhere (not just in the desktop image), and that I knew exactly where the folder was that contained my notes.
    Ditto with Stickies. It is not readily apparent to me where the Data Base is, that is storing the notes. That is essential for my peace of mind.
    Whilst browsing around, I found that I had an earlier version of Stickies, which appeared to be a ‘no install’.
    The exe was in a folder that I had created, and there was an ini file (love those), and a Data Base.
    I went to Control panel to uninstall the latest Stickies, then went to my earlier version.
    The good news is my 7.0b version appears to be using the ini and Data Base in my special folder.

  • Rob (Down Under)

    @Tortuga: Thanks for response.
    Excuse any confusion with RobCr and Rob (Down Under) .
    I was the original RobCr then another joined DotTech using ‘my’ handle, so I went to Rob (Down Under) instead. (Did that as a favor to him, as I speak my mind.)
    I was trying out Maxthon 3 yesterday, and I had to sign in to DotTech. I had trouble with Rob (DownUnder), so I reverted.
    (PS don’t bother with Maxthon 3, as it has a couple of deficiencies. Maxthon 2 is OK)

    ‘Pinned to the Desktop’ means it is set to be ‘bottom most’, meaning it is obscured by all programs, and can only be seen when every other program is minimized.

  • Tortuga

    @RobCr: Hi there :)

    Sorry for the delay, been out of the tubes dealing w R/L …

    Hummm, dont exactly know what you mean by “pinned to” :(
    English is only my 3rd language, some expressions in some contexts escape me.

    What I can say though is once rolled up, only a tiny little stripe appears on screen.
    And even that can become transparent by default if you tell it to – Not that I speak w my Stickies… Ok, never mind! ;)
    You can decide to have each be always on top or not. You can make them colourful or bland, big or small! You can even decide to start the prog w the Stickies being invisible &/or transparent, so you know they are there but they aren’t visually bothering you.
    There are options for pretty much anything one would wish. On the other hand its quite easy to get a grasp on the whole thing. You can even send notes to someone else. Its a pretty nifty prog.
    Don’t even know if any of this is relevant to you since I didn’t understand the question…
    But it’s free & tiny & fun, and over the years he has made it even better. So you could try it and see if you can work it into your setup.

    I had tried several sticky notes b4, but liked this one so much that I sent a donation. To my surprise he wrote back, saying that he had made this tiny little thing for himself, to help w programing other stuff or somesuch. But he put it on the site just in case it helped someone else. Turns out it became a big success and now gets eMails & donations from the most obscure places. Anyway, it was drôle, as he seemed quite surprised that ppl really liked it that much! Way funny!!!

    If you have other questions, I’ll be around.

    About the Kana software No, didn’t have time yet.
    I must say my keyboards are all multilingual, so I have most of the special characters, accents, fractions, cedilles (ç) £ ¢ ° • »« { } / | ± ¤, etc, etc. The ones that I don’t have and need are ã and õ, so I just added them to one of my Stickies :) I hadn’t realized other keyboards lacked so many!!
    It must be a chore to always go through hoops just to write something!!
    I’m lucky and didn’t even know it!


  • jim van damme

    @Casey:¿ You mean 99 ¢ ? ?

  • Casey

    @Shades: LOL. I know, I’m just too lazy to move my fingers off of the homerow (if I’m typing) and since I am right handed, my left hand (where alt and tab are) is practically useless (:D).

  • Phil K

    @Cathy Gould: No Cath. I KNOW Charmap has all these things. It was the Char Viewer recommended by another feller here I was saying didn’t have fractions etc.

  • Phil K

    @Cathy Gould:
    Thanks, Cath. You’re a lady.

  • Shades

    @Casey: “that would force me to go ALL the way to the task bar” – You are aware that you could use Alt-Tab to switch to another window, right?


  • RobCr

    Can Stickies be pinned to the desktop (only appear when all other programs are minimized) ?

    The author wrote back he liked my idea, and additionally said –
    In the mean time, you can use this program to do it, albeit manually:
    http : //
    (I have added spaces in there, that you should remove, to get the link to work)

    Did you try any of Kana’s other programs ?

  • Cathy Gould

    @Phil K:

    ¼ ½ ¾ etc.

    I get TONS of characters, all grouped in categories. here’s how I get there, yrmv.
    Click Charmap, (mine defaults to Open Type MS Gothic)
    check ‘Advanced View’, and under ‘Group By’, choose ‘Unicode Subrange’ from
    the dropdown.

    I get a small window named Group By,
    with choices of:
    General Punctuation
    Letterlike Symbols
    Number Forms (where the fractions are)
    Mathematical Operators
    Miscellaneous Technical
    Control Pictures & OCR
    Enclosed Alphanumerics
    Box Drawings
    Block Elements & Geometrics
    Symbols & Dingbats (where the good stuff is!)
    Spacing Modifier Letters
    Combining Diacritical Markings
    …and then many languages.

    Not all fonts have all the characters; I sometimes select the top font, and, showing Symbols & Dingbats, use my down arrow slowly to see which ones have what I want. They are drawn a bit differently in each font.

    I use charmap so frequently, I have a shortcut on the taskbar. It’s in:
    as are many other basic Windows programs, such as:


    and hundreds more. I keep a folder of shortcuts for the ones I can never remember
    how to get to the regular way…

    hope this helps!

    CopyPasteCharacter is, however, quite handy in Facebook, as Adobe Flash won’t let us express ourselves with bold, italics, color, fonts, .gifs… or anyting else!!

  • Phil K

    @Rob (Down Under):

    Seems to be substantially LESS than Charmap.
    Wheres the fractions, for instance ?
    LOADS less than Charmap

  • Mike

    @Casey: Charmap indeed (and it in fact runs from the Windows Start menu program/search box; I just tried it)–thanks!

  • Casey

    @Samuel: I do most of my work in a web browser. The reason I would prefer this over the Charmap is that switching over a tab to easily click and copy the symbol is very easy for me. I use Google Chrome so often that tabs are second nature, and its easy to switch over a tab, rather than switch over to a different window (that would force me to go ALL the way to the task bar; oh no!). Since I am part of the group that hasn’t switched to Windows 7 yet, its just easier to do it all in one window. The other part of my reasoning is that I have multiple OS’s. I’m multibooting with Ubuntu on this computer, so its just easier for me to do the same thing on both operating systems, rather then do different programs to accomplish the same task. For example, I had a difficultly switching from the windows built-in calculator to the ubuntu built-in calculator (even though there pretty much exactly the same :D). One webapp for every OS is just a bunch easier. However, if I’m using windows and I need more symbols to choose from, charmap is my go-to program. That’s just my opinion.

  • meldasue

    @MarDel: The alt commands are immensely useful from a command prompt – my keyboard is set to UK English because that’s the only way to get Word to default to British (proper) spelling, and American keyboards lack an extra key that has the backslash on British keyboards. (I get a hash mark when I use my backslash key.) Most of the numbers will double up for the html code, too. I write in French a lot, so the commands for é, è and à are imprinted in memory.

    For a unicode copy-paste-command list, I like BabelMap by BabelStone – it’s another no-install program with a ton of fonts and character sets supported.

  • Tortuga

    @Rob (Down Under): Hi Rob :)

    About the Wallpaper»Note taking idea

    We use a terrific little app called Stickies. It does what you need and more.
    Been using it for years, since version 4.
    I think Ashraf made an article on that.

    If you write directly on the wallpaper, dont think you’d be able to make back ups, which could be a problem…
    With Stikies you can, plus they roll up, so they are really non-intrusive.
    Its really a nice prog. Dont remember if it’s a non-install though.
    And if you don’t like pretty or colours, you can leave them the same colour as your wallpaper et voilà!

    Just an idea. Hope it helps

    I’ll go look at that kanasolution site, see what nice things I’ll discover.

    See you around :D

  • Tortuga

    @Locutus: Hi there :)

    I do have a solution to your problem w iTunes!!
    Having the same problem & high distaste for iTunes, I did a loooong and arduous search to find a way to bypass it.
    Found 2 programs that do this.

    1) iDump by xxxx://
    2) SharePod by xxxx://
    Sorry about the “xxxx” but Ashraf doesn’t let me post links, it goes straight down the black hole :(

    Both do the job well.
    ••Presently we are using SharePod. It’s free. It’s small. It’s fast. It resides in the iPod.
    The iPods go from one puter to the next, they never see iTunes shadow :D
    As soon as we confirmed it supported unicode we sent a contribution. Like it a lot!!

    ••Before that, we had bought iDump, but dont use it anymore. Problem w unicode!! Not supported!
    Which my (huge) collection has «a LOT» of!! So it wasn’t workable.
    The license is valid. If you want it, I’ll transfer it to you. Just let me know.



  • MarDel

    Thought I would put my 2¢ worth here; I used to teach a few computer classes awhile back and one of the things I taught was the use of the charmap application. The impressive thing I liked was the ability to use the alt key and related numbers to that particular sign; I have memorized the few that I use such as degree; and especially the cent sign. Was a legal secretary once and the use of the section sign helped immensely. alt 0162 gives you ¢ alt 0167 § (my preferred section sign) and alt 0176 gives ° But since I am no computer expert like you Ashraf…I figured you already knew this but had to respond; I love your site and depend on you an awful lot. Thanks for all your help even though you do not know your helping me!

  • Rob (Down Under)

    I am not a fan of going to web pages to do things (not sure why ?).
    This is a better char viewer than the one that comes with Windows –
    www DOT
    (Replace the DOT and spaces with a real dot)
    It does not require Install

    I will travel miles to get ‘non install’ programs.
    His site has some other free programs, that do not require Install.
    Clipboard Text memory (and permanent clips)
    Program and document launcher.
    I have downloaded them, but have not tried them yet.
    He also also a wallpaper changer, which does not interest me as such, as I am lacking the portion of the brain, that likes fancy graphics, aero, etc (Keep It Simple)
    I have written to him suggesting a variation of that, that would allow us to easily type little notes/reminders to our self, which could then be part of the wallpaper. The important part being that we could edit/add/remove individual notes, and then make it the wallpaper again.
    I could probably write it myself, but ………
    Here is what I sent him, in case others are interested (or are aware of an existing program that does that) –
    I like that your programs are No Install.
    I have not tried Kana WallChanger yet.
    I do not require auto or random changes to Wallpaper.
    What would be nice would be the ability to easily manually change the wallpaper.
    And that relates to the following –
    It would be good if you provided the ability to write notes on to a
    blank (single color) background
    (Or perhaps on to an image of choice, for those that care about
    images. I don’t care about images).
    My intention here is the ability to write reminders to myself, and
    then make that the Wallpaper.
    The chunks of text (could be like text boxes) would be independent,
    thus allowing us to delete/correct/add notes.

  • @Robert: You beet me to it!

    @Casey: Ok, buy why use this site when you are online? Character Map still works.

  • Casey

    No problem.

    I agree completely.

    Yes. That is also a very useful tool if you’re offline. I believe it is called “charmap” if you want to Start->Run it, but I could be mistaken.

  • Robert

    An alternative: Windows’ “Character Map” application (in ‘programs’, ‘accessories’, ‘system tools’ in my version of Vista ) will allow choosing and copying one or more of any of the characters in any particular font set, including those not shown for CopyPasteCharacter. And it does not require internet connection. Also very useful for Dingbats. I have a shortcut to it in my quick launch toolbar and pop it up anytime I need a special character.

  • @Ashraf: Isn’t iTunes the worst, most bloated, badly-writtenest media player on the planet? It is out of the ones I’ve used. If there was a way to sync my iPod with my Windows computer without it, I’d jump in 30 seconds. I only know how to do that on Ubuntu.

    But that’s off the subject.

    You know what would help this page? If it had a searchable database of characters.

    EDIT: And I think you missed a feature. Try holding ALT and clicking on multiple items.

  • Ashraf

    @Casey: Thanks! The link on their website lead me to an Apple page saying “Install iTunes, Ashraf”.

  • Casey
  • Casey

    Extremely useful, thanks!