CopyPasteCharacter: Easily copy special symbols/characters and paste them anywhere you like

Unicode is a beauty. With over a 100,000 characters to its name, Unicode not only enables use of non-Latin character languages but it also enables users to use special characters and symbols like, say, a snowman. The problem is many of these special characters and symbols are often hard to type with a normal keyboard, requiring users to know the trick involved with each one. Well CopyPasteCharacter will have none of that.

CopyPasteCharacter is a website that does one simple thing: It allows users to copy special characters/symbols to Windows clipboard, after which users can paste the characters/symbols wherever they like. Do take note, though, many of characters/symbols will only work where Unicode is supported.

Using CopyPasteCharacter is very easy:

  • Visit their website.
  • Click on the character/symbol you want to copy.
  • Paste it wherever you want.

Users that want to copy multiple characters at one time can hold the alt key on their keyboard and click on multiple characters/symbols; all characters and symbols clicked on while holding the alt key are copied to Windows clipboard together.

These are all the characters/symbols CopyPasteCharacter supports:


  • Users that decide they no longer want the copied character(s)/symbol(s) can clear Windows clipboard by clicking on Clear located at the top:

  • The special characters/symbols can be copied in their HTML format. Users that want the HTML format need to click on As HTML in the top bar:

Clicking on As Text gets you back to text format.

  • There is an iPhone app available from iTunes for you iPhone users. I don’t know if its a free app or not – bloody iTunes website won’t let me view the app without downloading iTunes.

You can access CopyPasteCharacter from the following link:

Browsers supported: All browsers that run Flash

CopyPasteCharacter homepage

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