[Android] Easily backup photos from smartphone or tablet to computer with SnapPea

snappYou have probably heard of AirDroid and similar apps like Droid Manager. These are the type of apps that allow you to remotely access the contents of your Android device from your computer, typically for backup purposes. SnapPea is a similar app, except it is for photos. Let’s see if it is worth your time.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

SnapPea is a computer-to-android data transferring system. It allows you to access your Android device from your computer (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.). Right now SnapPea can manage the photos (e.g. download to computer) on your Android device but the developer says managing of messages, contacts, and apps are coming in the future.


  • Allows you to manage, delete and download the pictures on your device; makes it easy to backup photos
  • Connect via WiFi or USB
  • Has a brilliantly easy web user interface
  • You have the option of downloading the Windows program or accessing your device via SnapPea’s website, which works via any modern web browser on any modern operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.)
  • The developer, Wandou Labs, has plans to add the ability to manage apps, contacts and messaging in the future


  • Only supports the ability to download and manage photos at this present time — no other features like contact management, messaging from computer, etc.


sp1SnapPea is most certainly not the first Android app I’ve ever seen that promises the ability to remotely manage my Android device. Right now SnapPea is under heavy development, and as of now SnapPea only really supports the ability to manage photos through either their web interface, their Chrome app, or their application for Windows.

Right at this moment with SnapPea you’re only allowed to manage your photos, but the management of the photos with SnapPea is excellent. I was able to take the screenshot of this review with my ROM, and then the picture basically showed up instantly into the web interface. After that I basically just right clicked on it and downloaded it to my computer. It was very straightforward and very awesome.

I’ve used apps like this in the past. The one that always comes to mind for me personally is AirDroid. AirDroid is a wonderful app, and one that has tons of features. I really feel that it’s an app that is almost needed for any Android user. It’s a great app. Looking at SnapPea I see a ton of potential. I see SnapPea becoming just as good, potentially even better than AirDroid. I really enjoyed how well the photos worked in the web interface, and I was very excited to see that when I took a picture on my device, the website updated almost instantly.

The reason I think that it has the potential to be better is the simple fact that AirDroid is just not as easy to set up as SnapPea. Sure, they both give simple instructions to get the apps working, and with SnapPea there’s no username or anything to worry about. It just pops up and gives you a password. Now, I’m not saying that AirDroid is complicated, but I really dig how SnapPea works. I like how it can potentially be even easier to understand the setup for people who aren’t exactly  as Android savoy as we would like them to be. SnapPea could be wonderful for newbies, and I think that in the future that could be the major selling point.

Of course, I’m not trying to imply that AirDroid is any more complicated, or any more difficult, I’m just saying that SnapPea has the potential to be that much more fluid and put together. SnapPea is a wonderful app, and one that I will most certainly be tracking the development of this app. It has a ton of potential, and if these features are as good as they’re teasing, I may just uninstall AirDroid, re-install SnapPea to re-review it again at a later time.

Conclusion and download link

SnapPea isn’t the first Android app that gives you access to your device via your Computer, but it might just be the simplest. Right now SnapPea has limited features, but it makes accessing, managing, and transferring photos directly from your device a breeze. Because of its lack of features, it isn’t as good as AirDroid, but if you’ve tried out AirDroid and you’ve got an itch to try something new, try out SnapPea. It’s an excellent way to manage your photos and it’s a very cool app. Though it doesn’t have a ton of features right this minute, the developer plans on adding many more features in the future (or so he says). When that happens, this could be one of the best remote access apps around.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 3.21.0

Requires: 2.0 and up

Download size: 3.9 MB

SnapPea on Play Store

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