Awesome QWERTY sofa [Image]





What an awesome design, not only because of its geeky nature but it is simply an attractive sofa. I’d buy one if it wasn’t for the fact I’d probably have to travel to Italy to get it — it is designed by Italian firm ZO_loft (price unknown).

(Yes, I know the sofa doesn’t actually have all QWERTY keys on it. I’m guessing all keys were not put on there because that would ruin the design of the sofa.)

[via DesignMilk]

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  • stephan

    ok, i’ll be the one to say it.
    it’s ugly and looks uncomfortable as heck.

  • apete

    It looks like a factory reject. They misspelled the second row.
    Should have been “S D F G H J K L”.
    I suppose you could throw an Afghan on it. LOL

  • jimx29

    Actually, it’s an ERTY sofa…lol