Who needs Microsoft Windows when you can get Michaelsoft Binbows [Image]



Supposedly that is a Japanese pun and not actually a rip-off of Windows.; “binbow” in Japanese means “poor” and in Japanese above the sign it says “secondhand computers & parts”, seemingly indicating that is a computer shop (which is supported by the computer parts you can see through the windows — no pun intended).  Doesn’t make it any less funny.

[via FAIL Blog]

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  • Alan Jameson

    No it won’t.

  • Gonzo

    Reminds me of Mike Rowe Soft… Anyone?

  • Grantwhy

    not to be confused with the much less reputable version that changes the “n” in the name to a “m”.


  • Col. Panek

    Seems legit.

    That would make a great name for a new Linux distro.