[Android] Automatically backup apps before they are updated with AppWererabbit

AppWererabbit Applications ListAppWererabbit is an application and apk manager that offers a rich variety of management functions. One feature in particular stands out, however. AppWererabbit will automatically backup every app on your device when it’s installed and before it’s updated. This allows you to roll back to a previous version of an application if say, the developer adds a feature you don’t like or takes one out you do like.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

AppWererabbit is a comprehensive application and apk manager. With it you can backup and restore apps, transfer applications to an SD card, clean app caches, share apps, install third party apks, and even rename apks. Like I mentioned above, the best feature is the ability to automatically backup apps before they are updated.


  • Comprehensive application and apk manager
    • Backup and restore applications (automatically backup apk files, which are app installers files)
    • Move applications to internal SD card
    • Application cache cleaner
    • Application sharer, can share via social network and cloud storage accounts
    • APK editor, allows you to rename, install and search
  • Import and Export application list for restoration later
  • Customizable storage locations, define backup folder directory
  • Batch functions including batch install, batch backup and more
  • Does not require root access
  • Clean and responsive user interface, easy to navigate too
  • No ads


  • Cannot backup app data (backing up app data would require root access and AppWererabbit does not need root access)
  • Uses 34MB of RAM which isn’t terrible, but it isn’t lean either
  • Uses stock Android app manager instead of proprietary one, would be nice if you could manage apps directly within the main UI
  • Cannot freeze or defrost apps (but this would probably require root access)
    • See SD Maid if you want to be able to freeze/defrost apps
  • Requires Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher


AppWererabbit Settings MenuWe’ve all experienced it before, a new application or program gets updated, and beloved features are removed, or in some cases too many new ones are added. When it comes to Android apps or apk files, it’s really not so easy to just rollback to an older version. AppWererabbit includes a remarkable backup feature that will automatically create a backup of an apk file every time an app is updated. You can delete the extra backups of course, but you can also keep them in case you want to roll back to a later build.

Now that’s certainly the most useful feature, but it’s not the only one. In fact, AppWererabbit also includes quite a few additional application management functions. You can move apps to an external SD card, clear application caches, share apps in different ways, and even rename apk files.

When sharing apps, you can share links via social media networks or even share backed up files via email, Dropbox or Google Drive accounts.

Most of the functions are straightforward, and you can actually find them all somewhere else. For example, the cache cleaner, apk manager and more can all be found within other utilities like Clean Master.

AppWererabbit Advanced optionsAppWererabbit offers some pretty convenient automated features that are usually only available  in premium or paid applications. In addition to the automatic backup feature, it will also clean cached files at designated intervals.

You can tell AppWereRabbit to preserve up to 50 different versions of an application, and you can even tell it to purge older versions if you don’t want to keep them. Of course, advanced users will also be happy to know that you can set a custom storage folder for backed up apks. That way you can save valuable internal storage space, and assign a specific folder of your choosing.

The user interface is uncomplicated and clean. In fact, it’s pretty minimal for an application manager. It is worth noting that it makes use of the modern Holo theme.

It uses about 34MB of RAM while running, which isn’t so bad for a utility like this. Then again, it’s not exactly lean on memory usage either.

Conclusion and download link

To be perfectly honest, AppWererabbit includes a lot of features you can find elsewhere. The management and utility world, at least on the Android platform, is an incredibly crowded one. However, what’s downright cool about AppWererabbit is that it can automatically backup your installed applications before they are updated. That way, if you end up with a new version of an app that’s changed too much, you can always roll back to a previous build — one that works better for you. You can even share backed up files with others via cloud storage accounts. We highly recommend AppWererabbit for people that find this type of functionality useful.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 0.4.1

Requires: 4.0 and up

Download size: 339KB

AppWererabbit on Play Store

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