Windows Blue (Windows 8.1) might get Start Menu back [Rumor]


Earlier this week we reported about the possibility of Microsoft adding a native boot-straight-to-desktop feature in Windows Blue, the next version of Windows expected to debut later this year as Windows 8.1. Now a new rumor is surfacing that not only is Microsoft thinking of adding boot-straight-to-desktop to Windows Blue but Microsoft is also going to bring the traditional Start Menu back in Windows 8.1

Yes, you heard that right. Quoting “sources”, ZDNet is reporting Microsoft is “considering” adding the Start Menu and related button back on Windows Blue. It won’t replace the Start Screen but rather be an option for users that want to enable it.

It isn’t clear if the Start Menu will make it into the first public release of Windows Blue or will be added in with subsequent updates.

Why such a quick change-of-heart on Microsoft’s part? No doubt it has to do with the fact that the lack of a Start Menu is one of the biggest reasons so many people have resisted adopting Windows 8… especially Microsoft’s enterprise customers, the bread and butter of Microsoft. However, it should be pointed out this is still just a rumor and may never actually come to fruition. But for the hope of all things that are good, I do hope Microsoft gives users the ability to add back the Start Menu.

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[via ZDNet]

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