Computer manufacturers claim Windows 8 “handed over millions of customers to Apple”


There is no shortage of Windows 8 hate, especially not from OEMs (computer manufacturers) who build Windows PCs. In fact, the hate may be deeper than some may realize.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet says some OEMs have personally confided in him in regards to the effect Windows 8 has had on the PC industry. Hughes says one PC manufacturer feels Microsoft is “destroying” the PC industry with Windows 8 while another feels Windows 8 “handed over millions of customers to Apple”.

While Hughes has refused to specifically name the manufacturers expressing the sentiment nor does he reveal what level within the organizations these views were expressed from (e.g. mid-level manager or a high-level executive). But, with reports coming out left and right about how the PC industry is in trouble, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that OEMs are not happy with the latest version of Windows. Maybe this is why Microsoft is considering adding the Start Menu back in Windows 8 with the release of Windows 8.1 later this year.

[via ZDNet]

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  • DoktorThomas

    [@floydwil] ” the … direction … for interfaces is touch, voice and hand gestures, eye telemetry …” Perhaps in your small dominion, but MSFT is nowhere near accomplishing that (and when they do you won’t be able to afford the end product). They have trouble with basic coding.

    As for gestures, I hate the mouse gestures in winOS that do unwanted tasks in the middle of stress work. They could exclude those with no loss in sales; maybe even without anyone noticing they are gone. So unless you are gaming, gestures as work product is a pipe dream.

    Voice is subject to intermittent (audio) variations and will never be completely accurate–close enough with computer work isn’t close enough. Besides if they get to AI, you won’t be needed to operate your bloated winOS.

    Sun glasses/face shields will be come the norm, so eye movement has no future. This is a federal government oppression issue, not an innovation OS issue.

    I already have a hand gesture for MSFT…

  • DoktorThomas

    Patching win(H)8 OS with a menu is not a fix that will rebound PC sales.That won’t move any knowledgeable users. I’m still headed toward fruit IF a new machine is considered. Have never owed an apple I couldn’t eat. So I am a PCer but not a MSFT PCer.

    win9 OS had better be awesome and not similar to win(H)8 in any way. The MSFT sales theory of “patch-and-wait” is a dead carcus and starting to stink.

    MSFT needs to clear out all of the “business-as-usual” deadheads at c-level (all) and above. They need innovators–not necessarily youth. And not change for change’s sake.

    Software manufacturers and computer builders need to rebuff MSFT such that the picture is clear: build logical quality or get out of the marketplace.

    The time is ripe for a new OS; Linux ain’t it.

    I don’t buy any MSFT accessories either.

  • floydwil

    I am not Defending Windows 8, but the future direction of travel for interfaces is touch, voice and hand gestures, eye telemetry. Microsoft know this and has always been a innovator that way. People in general do not like change, that’s a given. Microsoft took too big of steps in change so they are going to pay for that in revenue. Those associated with their revenue stream are going to suffer with them. If they would have made small steps in the change they would have been more successful. Put a frog in cold water pot apply heat gradually and the frog will never realize the change until its to late. When making changes give the people something they can hold on too that’s familiar, that gives them the option to function as before in the same environment try not to alienate them all at once. Baby steps at a quicker pace. These analogies hold true not just to Microsoft, but all the other computer operating systems as well. If Linux developers would stay focused and fill in the gaps they lack in software apps and concentrate on remaining fast they will be a force to be feared by the other major Os’s. If the many Distro’s of Linux were to group together and take the best features of each distro and put it onto one Distro. There would be a new leader in the OS market for everyone today.

  • citizenearth

    Change is normal and inevitable. If Windows 8 is no good, then other computer system will take over, whether Mac, Linux, BSD, whatever. It is that simple.

  • Col. Panek

    If they had any cojones they would put a better operating system on their machines. There’s a list of 300 of them at

  • naveed

    The Windows8 lovers can defend it all they want, but if this true and it has affected the bottom line, then Microsoft has a real problem.

  • mukhi

    apple cannot gain almost any market because some people did not like win8, why? because mac gives rise to loss of freedom. if i don’t like 8, i will stick to 7, or even xp, period. the PC sales drop is simply due to public interest in smartphones/tablets. fact is that some folks specially girls (read, rich girls) like iphone/ipad since they are kewl, no-brainer, and apps are available from a well-established market.

  • Beea

    Windows 8 is faster loading but it takes longer to get things done. It takes your freedom to setup your computer the way you want it. Also it will not run my favorite program. I wish they would either support XP, or put out a new operating system based on XP. Or even a open source operating system get plug and play and open a support 800 #.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Before Windows 8 even made it to RTM it was being bashed into the ground, and I think that has hurt sales as much as anything. It kind of snowballs, and next thing you know Windows 8 is not only the worst o/s ever, but it’s also responsible for world hunger and the reason why you lose one sock in the laundry.

    I’m not here to defend Windows 8, but I can say that I have found it to be faster than Windows 7, and they have finally improved Task Manager to the point that I no longer use a third party replacement. It’s a really good o/s. My opinion only. :)

    I think one of Microsoft’s mistakes was with taking away the start menu. People like what they’re used to. Change the GUI, and suddenly the average home user feels like they have to relearn how to use a computer. And it didn’t help that the focus was on the touch aspect… very ambiguous for some people, leaving them unsure exactly what Windows 8 is. My oldest brother even said to me that he wasn’t upgrading because he didn’t think a tablet o/s would be able to do the things he wanted to do on his desktop.

    Anyway, just my two cents.

  • Ed

    Why do you think their are so damn many Windows 8 commericials on mainstream TV?
    It’s because they can’t give the OS away, if sales where compatible with say Windows 7 or XP there would not be so much of an advertisement push with 8.

  • AFPhy6

    And millions more over to Linux

    [@Grantwhy] What is indisputable is MS-based puter sales are very much lower. I believe it is due to people realizing they don’t need a new MS-puter with increasing realization that there are other options, whether linux, tablet, smartphone, apple, google…

    It was not long ago that “search the web” meant, for most people, you go to your MSWindows computer and then “Google” on “MS Internet Explorer”. How many people do you now know who include MS in their thoughts now?

    Win8 has accelerated the move away from MS.

  • Grantwhy

    re: “handed over millions of customers to Apple”

    If that is in regards to desktop/laptop computers, then this should show up in increased sales of those computers for Apple.

    Q: Has that happened? (increased desktop/laptop sales for Apple)

    If it is regards to to tablet computers …. what were the sales figures for Windows 7 Tablet computers like? (& Vista & XP)

    I seriously doubt the “handed over millions of customers to Apple” is based in fact :-p