Facebook Home gets 500K downloads in five days, but it’s not all good news


It looks like Facebook Home’s great advertising worked, because TechCrunch has reported that the app/OS overlay was downloaded over 500,000 times in just 5 days after launch. This is a pretty good number, because Facebook Home is only available on select devices for now. It’s also not as impressive as Instagram’s Android launch which hit ten times that amount in six days, but it’s a good start for Facebook’s latest venture in mobile — if you ignore the ratings.

As of posting time, Facebook currently has 11,402 ratings on the Google Play Store. But out of that 11,402, more than half are negative 1 star reviews, giving the app an average rating of 2.2. So while there be a ton of people downloading Facebook Home, that doesn’t necessarily mean that a lot of them are keeping it installed on their phones.

One user in particular said in their review, “So I downloaded the app, and within 10 minutes of downloading, I uninstalled. Was not impressed by this app at all. Might be nice for some people, but not me.” That might actually be a problem for Facebook going forward. Many people do use and are sometimes addicted to using Facebook, but not everyone will want it to take over their phone’s interface. Fortunately, the company has made available one of their widely praised features, Chat Heads, on the Facebook Messenger app.

Will Facebook Home turn out to be another success story for the Zuck? Or another failed experiment? We’ll most likely know the answer to that question in a year or two’s time. But for now, Facebook Home is off to a strong and shaky start.

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[via TechCrunch]

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