• j

    that is absolutely amazing!

    @ashraf: where did you get this from? as I’m not a facebook participent:

    is this CG or real?

    are there any plans, sketching, info about material?


  • jimx29

    eruuummmm…..I believe that that’s a rather hefty looking ______ supporting the sink

  • etim

    [@etim] Errg–we stilll need thaat edit ooption fixed, Ash…

  • etim

    [@kevbo] No, juust modern multitasking,

  • kevbo

    Forget the decor; is that a mirror, right across from the commode? Very odd.

  • Jeanjean

    It’s like a box of sweets.
    You must just love madly sugar-coated chocolate sweet … !

  • midwest guy

    It’s amazing and creative alright. Amazingly and creatively ugly. Absolutely hate it.