Blue-eyed white tiger [Wallpaper]


Click above for 2560×1440 version or click via link below for other resolutions.

[via Wapapersol]

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  • Karilyn

    How would you people know if the eyes are real or not it could be a picture or it could have been a drawing before and they edited it and made it look real it’s a very beautiful piece of art.

    Coming from a true artist.

  • davidroper

    As a Clemson Graduate, I love this and have made it my desktop picture.

  • Seamus McSeamus


    Not at all. He’s obviously just wearing colored contacts. ;)

  • Chuck

    [@Ed] Those eyes look pretty fake to me !

  • Ed

    While it is a beautiful picture, I love tigers, you can do some pretty amazing thing with Photoshop these days. You really cannot make a distinction between what is real and what is not anymore.