Awesome water slide at Atlantis Paradise Island resort in Bahamas [Amazing Photo of the Day]


That slide is awesome. I wonder how much it costs to stay at this resort. I’ll start taking donations. You know, for research. Yeah, research.


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  • davidroper


    I took a submarine ride (20 feet down) there and never even saw a big fish or ship wreck – let alone, a shark. Ain’t Photoshop great?

  • citizenearth

    Are there really sharks in the water?

  • Daniel

    It really isn’t that expensive, but the reviews are mixed.
    www atlantis com/default aspx

  • RogueBase

    Aww, I wanna try it……… about 6 times or so lol

  • davidroper

    There had better be a bathroom close at the end of that invisable tube if Sharks are around the slide for life.