The trailer for ‘BEYOND: Two Souls’ blurs the line between cinema and video game [Video]


Recently screened at the Tribeca Film Festival and starring Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, describing BEYOND: Two Souls is like describing a film. Except that it isn’t, because it’s a video game.

French developer Quantic Dream and writer/director David Cage aren’t strangers to cinematic video games, as they released a similar effort in 2009 called Heavy Rain. But with BEYOND, it looks like the developers along with Sony intend on taking things one step further. They hired real actors whose likenesses appear in-game and recently had a two-hour screening of the game cut as a movie shown at the Tribeca Film Festival.

It’s a first for video games and an accomplishment for the industry as a whole. While the PlayStation 3 is definitely starting to show its age after 7 long years, the developers have managed to squeeze an impressive amount of performance from the system here. But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself in this trailer:

BEYOND: Two Souls is set for release on October 8th in North America, exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 3. If you can’t enough and want more before the game’s release date, here’s a bonus for you — along with the trailer, the developers have also released a 35-minute scene from the game. If you’re worried about spoiling the game’s story, they’ve also nicely avoided any major spoilers in the video. Check it out!

[via PlayStation.Blog]

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