Acid leak in Samsung chip plant injures three workers, second accident in Samsung plant in three months


After one worker died in one of its semiconductor plants due to a deadly gas leak last January, another accident has reportedly occurred in one of Samsung’s plants. This time, three workers were exposed to diluted hydrofluoric acid in the company’s semiconductor manufacturing facility in Hwaseong, Korea.

The accident occurred at around 11:30 a.m. on May 2 local time, as the workers were upgrading parts of the facility to meet the requirements of the Ministry of Employment and Labor . The workers have since been admitted to the hospital and there is currently no news regarding their condition.

Samsung later issued a comment stating that the company has reported the incident to the local authorities and is cooperating with investigations on the accident. They also add that they “take the health and safety of workers very seriously and are committed to addressing any issues regarding the well-being of those working in our facilities.” Which leads me to wonder, why is this the second reported accident in just three months?

According to Engadget, Samsung got away with a $1,000 fine for January’s accident. This new incident suggests that that particular issue hasn’t resulted into improved safety practices at the company’s plants.

Maybe a little less money spent on things like this, and more to keep workers safe would be a good idea.

[via Yonhap News, Engadget, image via Visionstyler Press]

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