This is one really comfortable toilet [Amazing Photo of the Day]


Just one question: how do you flush?

[via Facebook]

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  • etim

    And too many in the US couldn’t fit on it anyway.

  • greg

    Probably right. No real “seat” either. Lift lid and right to bowl.

  • mo

    Looks like this toilet is in the lounge- probably a work of art and not really functional.Thus, no flush mechanism. Imagine doing your business in FULL view of everyone!!

  • RogueBase

    My first thought was ” Wow, pretty cool!” Then I got to thinking of the nightmare of keeping it clean, oopsies after a really good night out & 8 too many tequila shooters. Nah I’ll stick the plain old every day loo.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    You wouldn’t want guys with bad aim using this toilet, that’s for sure.

  • Prema

    people! we don’t need a manual flusher, this is the 21st century + 13 years in. This toilet probably has an automatic flusher.

    wonder if we add a recliner for max comfort ;)

    (btw I’m a guy and my first thought was cool… not what a pain this will be to clean, lol.)

  • Susanne

    Donna — great minds and all that. My VERY first thought was, oh, man, what a freaking nightmare to clean.

  • Donna

    As much as I hate to clean the bathroom, cleaning one with this toilet in it wound be my least favorite one to clean. And Yeah, where is the ol” flusher?