These trees aren’t happy about being cut down [Amazing Photo of the Day]


The above image looks to be photoshopped but nonetheless sends a strong message, dontcha think?

[via Facebook]

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  • n.n


    I was referring to the individual tree, with or without a name. The standards of our society have deemed that individuals are interchangeable and disposable by virtue of their incidental features. Besides, from conception to grave, they are all trees, humans, etc., merely a coherent mass of cells which are part of an evolutionary process (i.e. chaotic change).

    In any case, I am appealing to a certain demographic of humans, not trees. My primary interest is in the selective application of standards to humans, not trees. I do not identify trees as individuals, but it would be an interesting thought experiment to name them individually.


    Clearing land for Walmart, solar panel installations, windmill farms, etc. There will always be environmental disruption during pre-manufacturing (i.e. resource recovery), manufacturing, deployment (e.g. displacement), and reclamation (e.g. imperfect recycling, disposal). Some forms of disruption are merely more visible than others.

    As for the Habitat for Humanity project, my concern is that its “sweat equity” standards are not sufficient to control corruption. It’s better than welfare programs in general, but it would be better if they followed the Amish model with full and mutual immersion.

    It is dissociation of risk which causes corruption. It is dreams of material, physical, and ego instant (or immediate) gratification which motivates its progress.

  • davidroper

    But Druid, I like my man made Computer. Nature didn’t build it. And I don’t want to save the skipper fish living in a stream that needs to be filled to build a new road to Walmart. Oh, and the trees that got cut down when Walmart was built?? They got used making a habitat for humanity house for some needy family a mile down the road from where they were cut.

    Thanks for the Blessed day. That’s nice. Have one yourself from me. Really.

  • I agree this has to be photoshopped. The odds of such a perfect formation on this many trees are beyond astronomical. Whoever did it did a fantastic job though. I’ve seen real trees with cavities in them and, if you look at the holes, the texture is perfect. Well done whoever made this.

  • Druid

    Destroy nature we destroy ourselves. One that cannot live in harmony with nature will not see what happens when one destroys nature.

    Wishing all a Blessed day

  • davidroper


    Susanne, it’s a JOKE, J-O-K-E… as in Kiss one girl and you have kissed them all. .

  • Susanne

    [@n.n] Actually, they are FAR from being interchangeable. Each species fills a unique & critical niche in the earth’s bio-system. The myth that one tree is pretty much as good as another is helping destroy our planet, as anyone who has seen the appalling results of same-species replanting knows first hand. I live in the Pacific Northwest, where only remnants the big coastal rain-forests survive, and see daily the impact of this kind of reckless botanical stupidity masquerading as “environmental responsibility”.

  • davidroper

    Trees, Trees. In the Spring, I sneeze.

  • n.n

    They were aborted extra utero. We see their unhappy faces. We recognize their individual dignity. Look at Shady, Leafy, etc.

    Wait. Are we talking about trees or humans? I see a brown-colored tree, which can replaced by another brown-colored tree. They are interchangeable, and, individually, they are disposable.

    Fortunately, a generic life is one of the few things which is known to be renewable in this world. A tree being exemplary of a renewable resource. They are aborted for reasons of wealth and welfare.