[Windows] Backup and restore open windows, programs, files, tabs, and more across multiple computers with Cupcloud

Cupcloud Beta empty UIThere are many ways to sync content and files cross-platform. Google Drive is a great way to jump from computer to computer and keep all of your files. It’s always good to consider alternatives though, as there are quite a few of them out there. Cupcloud is a different kind of cloud storage service that allows you to save your current session and resume it on another computer.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

Cupcloud will allow you to store your current session as a ‘cup,’ which can be restored on an alternate machine or on the same machine at a different time. By “saving a session” I mean you can backup and restore open windows, browser tabs, Office documents, files, folders, and more. The idea here is to provide seamless access to your Windows browsing session at all times, from all computers.

Cupcloud Beta UIPros

  • Backup and restore active sessions in ‘cups,’ including open programs, windows, files, web browser tabs, and more
  • Cups can be organized into folders, shared or private
  • You can share cups with others through email
  • Quick, responsive and relatively lightweight
  • Very easy to use


  • When opening saved sessions on another computer, you must have the relevant programs already installed — Cupcloud won’t install the programs for you. For example, if you saved an open Word window then you must have Microsoft Word already installed on the computer you are restoring the session — Cupcloud does not install Word for you.
  • Not all software/files are compatible, meaning some open windows/programs/files can’t be saved yet (the developers are adding support for more programs over time)
  • Other users have to install the Cupcloud client in order to open shared sessions


Cupcloud Cup and Uncup ButtonsCupcloud is currently in Beta so if you want to use the application you’ll have to sign up and register with your email address. The developers also would like you to provide feedback so that they can improve the software.

There’s no bloatware to contend with when installing the application, but you will need to confirm your email address before you can login. After starting up the application, you can login using the same credentials you chose when signing up for the Beta.

The UI is incredibly simple and straightforward, and the application is very easy to use. All you have to do is tap the “cup” option in the top left corner and all open windows will be saved. In the right hand side of the window you’ll see the saved content included in a particular cup. The top menu is for web browser tabs while the bottom window is for open file and folder sessions.

To access the content from a remote computer, obviously you need the Cupcloud software installed and signed in. To restore your session just hit the “uncup” button and the related windows will open.

The best part about the app is that you can save multiple sessions and store them for later. It’s not just about storing your active session, you can save past sessions too if there’s something in particular that you want to preserve.

Cupcloud new shared folderYou can store cups for private use or you can share them with others. Cups are organized by folders, which are also separated into shared and private categories. To share a cup with someone, you have to move it to a shared folder and then you can send an invitation link via email to anyone you’d like to give access to the files. Of course, anyone trying to open the cups will also need to install the Cupcloud client.

Even though the app is simple, the potential is pretty substantial. I can think of a million different reasons why you would want to store and transfer your Windows sessions via multiple computers. Personally, it would allow me to continue my freelance work while hopping from computer to computer, which actually does happen from time to time.

For reference, Cupcloud uses about 17,300KB of RAM while running.

Conclusion and download link

Cupcloud SettingsCupcloud is a different type of cloud storage service. It isn’t for storing and sharing files; it is for storing and sharing sessions. And in that regard Cupcloud works relatively well, although there is a lot more work needed before Cupcloud works with all programs/windows/files. The good thing is the developers program to increase support gradually over time. Right now I’d suggest this app for people who like testing Beta programs because Cupcloud is currently in Beta; for the rest of us, keep an eye on this one.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: (Beta)

Supported OS: Windows (XP, Vista, Seven, Eight)

Download size: 12.4MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/47

Is it portable? No

Cupcloud homepage

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  1. Louis

    [@Rob (Down Under)] Do you use the “TooManyTabs” add-on for FireFox ? That’s the one reason I still also run FireFox as my third browser — to keep all those many tabs, each lot from different topics regularly used. It’s a great add-on in FF.

    This is since my first choice browser, G Chrome, has got a version of that add-on, but due to the different architecture of Chrome, it has to work completely differently than its brother in FF, and is in fact rather useless in Chrome.

  2. Rob (Down Under)

    My need for what I am about to ask, may be diminishing, but I will ask for others (and perhaps me).
    I suffer from the ‘too many open Tabs’ in FF disease.
    It would be great if the reviewed software could save the open Tabs in FF (nothing else). And in addition it could save more than one set.
    That would allow me to save a set, and delete all tabs. I might then start researching some programming problem, and accumulate a lot of open Tabs (Articles, and sample downloads, etc). I then save that set, and restore the previous set.
    That would be a nice way to live with my disease.

    PS It is possible to do similar with FF Bookmarks manager, but I am slightly uncomfortable using that.

  3. Frank

    …the old cloud issue: Have you ever thought about PRIVACY?!
    Data protection? If you for instance write a mail/document to/about anyone you have to have his consent to save it to unreliable cloud services (at least as long as you do not use /independent/ /client/side/ encryption [never trust these vendors who promise ‘/we/ encrypt at your side, too many have already failed or been liars])

  4. Briley Kenney

    Hey [@Frank D], sorry for not clarifying that point better in the review.

    You can move sessions from computer to computer, however you still need the related software installed on both machines. In other words, if you’re going to “cup” an Office session, you need to have the same Office program installed on the computer you’re moving to.

    Hope that helps clear things up!

  5. Frank D

    Does this mean that I can have a session on a PC with a document in Microsoft Word open, and save the session as a “cup” and then open it and continue working on that document on another PC that does NOT have MS Word on it? Something doesn’t sound right here. It would be virtually like having the same installation of Word on two different PCs at the same time. Am I missing something? Thanks!