Inventor of the GIF image format tells us how ‘GIF’ is properly pronounced


During the 17th annual Webby Awards, Steve Wilhite received the Lifetime Achievement award. He deserves it too, since he’s the guy that brought us the Graphics Interchange Format. Or the GIF, as everyone calls it today. GIFs have a very special place on the internet — you can’t go through many comment sections without seeing at least one of them, and Google even added the ability to search for them. I think we can all agree that GIFs are awesome.

But one thing it seems people can never agree on is its pronounciation. Is it Jif? Or the way it’s spelled, Gif? Steve made sure to set everything straight when he accepted his award:

Personally, I’ve always pronounced it that way. But I know that pronounce it the other way. How do you pronounce GIF? Let us know in the comments!

[via The Verge]

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