Finally, a real PlayStation 4 teaser from Sony [Video]


We’ve been getting fake or fan-made teaser videos for the PlayStation 4 for some time now. Isn’t it about time we got a hint of the real thing? Sony seems to think so. They’ve released this teaser video for the PS4, timed perfectly so the world wouldn’t forget about them amidst all the talk of the newly revealed Xbox One.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t really give us a good idea of what exactly the PS4’s hardware is gonna look like. The fake teasers before it were content with showing off their own mock-ups, but it looks like Sony wants to keep the real thing under wraps until E3. Luckily, we have our imagination and the power of the internet! Here are all the images of the console in video, handily put together by Kotaku. I guess we can now confirm that the console will once again have vertical and horizontal orientations and that it will be… black.


Here, Albino-Zebra of Reddit went ahead and put together the images to form his own mock-up. Will it look something like this? Or something completely different? Nobody knows.


Personally, I really hope it doesn’t look like this mock-up. After seeing the sleek and futuristic design that Microsoft has for the Xbox One, I’m hoping Sony will come up with something that can compete. But at the end of the day, these guys do end up sitting under the TV anyway. What matters are the games. And judging from the little they’ve shown this far, we’re in for a treat.

Sony’s E3 Press Conference is scheduled for June 10, 2013.

[via Sony, Kotaku]

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