“I haven’t been fully honest with you” [Image]





Comedian Nathan Fielder asked people to run an experiment: text someone “I haven’t been fully honest with you” and then not respond back to their inquiries. The results are hilarious, as you can see above. You can read a few more at the HuffingtonPost via link below.

[via MakeUseOf, HuffingtonPost]

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  1. RogueBase

    Yet another perfect example of an idiot who’s bored and has nothing better to do that play on his/her phone. Humanity is becoming nothing more that a race of retards with a phone physically attached to their hand as they’re scared shi*tless to be without it and be considered “uncool” & not “with it”. God, thank you for giving me the sense to realise I don’t need one and I promise I’ll never have one.