• Frank

    [@J.L.] yeah, it’s some effort. But I’m rewarded with link-free full screen websites.
    IMHO that’s worth it. I can even setup filters to remove elements I dislike (like these bleeding “get our iPhone app” ads)..

  • J.L.

    [@Frank] Wow, looks rather complicated (a bit too many dependencies for me), but does it block in-app ads? Those mostly slip by somehow in iOS and Android when using FoolDNS.

  • Frank

    [@J.L.] Oh, JL, my ‘fault’.
    I put AdMuncher on a dedicated (virtual) machine which runs FreeProxy. Freeproxy is ‘protected’ by admuncher.
    What one needed too is a webserver to host the proxy.pac file (on iPad you put into WiFi|Connection|Proxy http://my.host/proxy.pac)

    Get back to me here if you are really interested and needed help, I was happy to provide it.

    P.S. I do not hate ads per se, But hate ads in my scrolling area (most right 5cm of the iPad screen). Hated especially floating ads there. But AdMucher kills all of them.

  • J.L.

    [@Frank] How does Ad Muncher support iOS? The only solutions I know of (w/o jailbreak) are FoolDNS and Mercury Browser.

  • Frank

    just the right place to advert http://www.admuncher.com :)
    I was happy with ABP on FF until I started using the iPad. Website designers do not seem to use tablets, so they don’t know how much any link in the scroll area (the last 5cm on the right side) sucks. Worst are the floating ads.

    A happy user

    p.S: @Ashraf: dottech.org is not filtered ;)

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  • citizenearth

    Why are there two CPU units and only one monitor?

  • wellduh

    Probably has a 1950 tv too. Wonder if he can write cursive?

  • Gonzo

    Poor guy, not only he’s fighting with pop-up ads, but he also has a CRT monitor…