London’s Department of Transportation plays a prank, scares the crap out of guys in bars [Video]


The department of Transportation in London is doing a Drunk Driving stunt, which was caught on video, where they are basically scaring the crap out of young men in public restrooms. It’s called The THINK! campaign and there’s a video titled #PubLooShocker which aims to prevent drinking and driving. The video was created by ad agency Leo Burnett London, where a fake mirror acts as a car windshield.

The agency actually propelled a human mannequin through the fake glass, startling unsuspecting young men, played by actors, Realistic sound effects were added to make people think it was a real accident. Check out the video down below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Frank

    IMHO just worthless crap of moral fags.
    W/o the explanation I would not even have known what their message is. Besides: As well known ‘anyone’ thinks ‘such only happens to others’ or ‘such only happens to people not knowing their limits’ etc.
    So WTF???

  • Becca


    Nor was this a bar but a pub ;)

  • Frank D

    What if one of those guys had a heart attack and died? That would have taught him a lesson he’d never forget — or remember.

  • JMJ

    Hey! What about shattering glass and why are there cameras in a restroom, anyway? I think this was really the idea of a single lady who wanted a fool-proof way to choose who would escort her home that evening. ;-)

  • Stephen

    London does not have a “Department of Transportation”. You’ve been conned.

  • jayesstee

    [@JMJ] Yea, I’ve been kinda busy – my ancient PC blew up and I invested in a new laptop.   Spent the last 4 weeks trying to tame Windows “Fluff” aka Win 8.   That why I’m hitting the sauce!
    Anyway, greetings to you too, Pa.

  • JMJ

    [@jayesstee] Ahem!!! Hitting the suds again, are we?
    Didn’t see you for a while. Greets. :)

    — JMJ

  • jayesstee

    Works for me! I’ll never drink alcohol in a Public Loo again. :=))

  • JonE

    [@Prema] One must consider the fact that alcohol slows response time; the whole point of the prank. I’m curious to know if they achieved the desired result?

  • KMHamm

    [@Prema} yeah, until the lawsuits started…. It’s ALL fun ‘n games til the lawsuits start… grumble grumble grumble…

  • Prema

    would’ve been funnier if it were actually unsuspecting people. they all seemed pretty calm and just moved back a bit…