London’s Department of Transportation plays a prank, scares the crap out of guys in bars [Video]


The department of Transportation in London is doing a Drunk Driving stunt, which was caught on video, where they are basically scaring the crap out of young men in public restrooms. It’s called The THINK! campaign and there’s a video titled #PubLooShocker which aims to prevent drinking and driving. The video was created by ad agency Leo Burnett London, where a fake mirror acts as a car windshield.

The agency actually propelled a human mannequin through the fake glass, startling unsuspecting young men, played by actors, Realistic sound effects were added to make people think it was a real accident. Check out the video down below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  1. Frank

    IMHO just worthless crap of moral fags.
    W/o the explanation I would not even have known what their message is. Besides: As well known ‘anyone’ thinks ‘such only happens to others’ or ‘such only happens to people not knowing their limits’ etc.
    So WTF???

  2. JMJ

    Hey! What about shattering glass and why are there cameras in a restroom, anyway? I think this was really the idea of a single lady who wanted a fool-proof way to choose who would escort her home that evening. ;-)

  3. jayesstee

    [@JMJ] Yea, I’ve been kinda busy – my ancient PC blew up and I invested in a new laptop.   Spent the last 4 weeks trying to tame Windows “Fluff” aka Win 8.   That why I’m hitting the sauce!
    Anyway, greetings to you too, Pa.