Microsoft shows off what the Start button will do in Windows 8.1 [Video]


When Microsoft gave us our first official video walkthrough of Windows 8.1, many bemoaned the fact that Microsoft didn’t show off what exactly happens when you press that new Start button.

This new video straight out of Computex 2013 in Taipei spends most of its time detailing the different visual changes to the Windows interface, as well as some new gestures and a handy-looking All Apps view. But stay tuned until the end to see a quick look at the Start button:

Expect to hear more about Windows 8.1 from Microsoft when their Build developer conference takes place later this month. A public preview version of the update is also expected to be made available.

[via networkworldThe Verge]

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  • Bob Fox

    I paid my $5 and have been using the best windoze 8 start up menu. Never even gave it a second thought. I believe I have had in on all the family pc’s for a few years. 2 rules: 1. stardock Start8 and 2. NO DISGUSTING 8.1 METRO MODE!

  • Mike

    [@Frank D] And, fortunately, the third-party providers have stepped up to the plate. Microsoft management just doesn’t get it. Perhaps, as others have noted, it’s just too fixated/arrogant to be able to fess up to the reality of its mis-judgment. Heck, even Apple has been able to do so.

  • Mukhi

    so much fuss for a freaking start button; meh, we windows users are used to the start button, so don’t take i off, period.

  • Prema

    here’s a Dottech review on Start Menu X

  • Gonzo

    I already expressed my feelings about Windows 8 as well as the Start Button in 8.1, but I’ll say it again: I’m going back to Windows 7.
    For those that MUST use Windows 8 for whatever reason, I suggest:
    -Free: Classic Shell
    -Commercial: Start Menu X

  • Frank D

    [@Mike] Microsoft “has its head made up” and is going to stick to its preordained path, regardless of what its customers are trying to tell it. It’s trying to justify a bad mistake and make it stick. We will have to look to third parties to give us what we want.

  • JonE

    [@Tom] [@Mike] I Agree! I’ve said the same thing since Windows 8 was released. Why does Microsoft think computer users want mobile apps on a computer? Computers execute programs, not apps. And yes, I wholeheartedly agree, Arrogance cometh before the fall. My biased opinion.

  • Mike

    LOL–Microsoft continues to push its Start screen, a graphics-based application selector best for phones and also good for tablets, on people, when desktop and laptop users, as well as many users of tablets, have indicated the preference for the well-established list-based Start menu, which is perfect for desktops and laptops, as history has shown.

    Microsoft just doesn’t get it–give customers what they want and what works. For desktops and laptops, that’s the Start menu, not a picture-based Start screen. Arrogance cometh before the fall.

  • Tom

    That’s it?

  • Raj

    In addition, I wish they allowed you to use swipe down, to set up your favorite dashboard, that is only one page sized.

  • Raj

    @Prema: I started using reviversoft, 2 weeks ago. I got the same flag from WOT. But, I love the menu. Like unicorn2 says, it is “Start Button done right”

  • Prema

    unicorn’s link brought up a red flag on WOT, so just be cautious.
    I prefer Start8, it’s $5 but I like it.

  • unicorn02

    Damn, what are they doing?
    Windows 8 Start Button done right: