Mad Catz to launch Android game console Project MOJO, more info coming during E3

OUYA game console

It turns out the OUYA isn’t the only Android game console in town. Well, aside from the NVIDIA Shield, GameStick and upcoming Gamepop, of course. You know, that was all wrong let’s just start over.

It looks like the OUYA is going to have even more competition in the Android console market, as Mad Catz has announced their intention to launch a new “Android micro console” currently dubbed Project MOJO.

The image above is a screenshot of the OUYA game console, no images of Project MOJO have yet surfaced.

During a recent earnings call Mad Catz CEO Darren Richardson discussed their upcoming console, and also said that they will be unveiling more information at E3 next week (June 11-13). It seems a fitting place to unveil information about a new game console, an entertainment expo with a particular emphasis on video games.

If you didn’t already know, Mad Catz is relatively well known for their cheap and affordable gaming peripherals.

According to Richardson, the project is designed to “offer the best path forward as the video game industry reaches another inflection point with both the introduction of new gaming consoles as well as the growing shift by casual gamers towards tablet and smartphone gaming.”

Richardson didn’t release any information regarding specs, price or features, but he did reveal a bit about the general focus of the console. At least, it seems like Project MOJO will be directly centered on external peripherals- in other words, peripherals are going to be its “thing.”

Project MOJO is going to work with Mad Catz line of GameSmart peripherals which is said to include gamepad controllers, mice, keyboards and headsets. Also related to the GameSmart line is NVIDIA which recently agreed to a partnership with Mad Catz. It’s possible that means Project MOJO will be powered by an NVIDIA Tegra chipset, which in turn means the console will have access to NVIDIA Tegra Zone- an exclusive marketplace for Tegra powered devices.

I’ll have more information for you as soon as it’s released next week. Expect it to be pretty wild as E3 kicks off, and we’re sure to hear more announcements about Project MOJO, Xbox One and even the Playstation 4. Stay tuned!

[via Business Wire]

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