The Pirate Cinema shows what’s being pirated around the world in real-time [Video]


Before anything else, let me first warn you that a couple of seconds in this video are slightly NSFW.

Created by artist Nicolas Maigret, “The Pirate Cinema” is an installation of sorts that gives an awesome if not a little disorienting look at worldwide piracy. It’s made up of three screens and a bunch of computers that pick up IP addresses, locations and the content being transferred, then shows bits and pieces of the pirated content. The result is a peek at what the world is pirating, where it’s being pirated from, all in glorious real-time.

My biggest takeaway from the entire thing? People must really love those music videos to be torrenting them, cause I heard this little website called YouTube does the job pretty well. Oh, and this guy must have a ridiculously fast internet connection too.

[via Nicolas Maigret Gizmodo]

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