“How to deal with junk mail” [Image]


I wonder if that actually works. I always assumed no postage applied for content sent back in those envelopes… not boxes.

[via EatLiver]

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  • What bothers me is if you give some charity ten bucks, they will spend it over the next ten years mailing you stickers, address labels, trinkets, posters, coins, maps, pens, and doodads. Every other week.

  • naveed


    I agree, in fact for this sort of mailing – make it even more expensive then regular mail.

  • kevbo


    It would drive the USPS into bankruptcy, even faster and further.

    I can’t tell you how annoying it is to hear that the gubmint wants to take away the Saturday postal service or is increasing postal prices again because they’re losing money, when I easily throw half or more of my daily mail in the trash without a second glance.

    I’m not the most business savvy person, but I would guess that due to the reduced rate given to presorted mail, it is economically profitable for these businesses to use the USPS for these mailings. I say charge the full, first class postage rate for this crap; presorted rates are about half that, I believe. It would reduce the amount of junk mail we all get, cut down on wasteful paper usage, and potentially reduce costs and/or increase revenue to the USPS.

    It wouldn’t cost me a penny, and would remove a source of daily aggravation I get on my way back from the mailbox.

    Presorted rates are just another example of corporate welfare.

  • Coyote

    No, no this would be rejected by every USPS worker I know.

    However there is a less extreme version that does work. And was recommended by someone that works at a post office. The USPS allows letters to weigh up to so many oz and be not more than 1/4″ thick. So that limits alot but metal washers and scrap metal work good. The return charges would be considerably more than for a normal letter. However when you consider these companies send out 10’s of thousands of these it would drive them to bankruptcy if everyone were to do it.

  • In one of the M.A.S.H. books, set after Korea, Hawkeye was doing just this with No postage required blow in cards in his magazines. He package taped each one to a brick and mailed it.

  • WildCat

    In the same “spirit” as the photos, how about this to really mess with them…

    1) Save all Junk Mail that has business reply envelopes until you have
    6 – 10 of them.

    2) Lay them out on table in front of you left to right.

    3) Starting from the left/#1, stick it’s “junk mail” in the business reply envelope of #2’s and #2’s junk mail in the business reply envelope of #1.

    4) Repeat until all “Odds” junk mail is in all “Evens” business reply envelopes and vice versa.

    5) Whistle happy tune with big grin on your face when putting your mail out for pickup or dropping off in nearest mailbox.

    *** If you’re really wanting to mess with them, then do this before step 3.***
    Find name, address, and NON-800# of Advertising Director of Junk Mail #1’s Company and *PRINT* it on Junk Mail #2’s contact info, and vice versa for the rest of them. Do NOT print or sign/cursive name where it says SIGNATURE on any form. ALWAYS LEAVE SIGNATURE BLANK!!! If you do this then you can have a “step 6″…

    6) Whenever you’re having a bad day… Just think about the phone call from Junk Mail Company #1 telemarketer to Junk Mail Company #2’s Advertising Director. Feel warm satisfied feeling as you begin to smile and your day suddenly gets better! :)

    ***Legal disclaimer inserted here… use at your own risk. Not responsible for any legal actions or possible better days, laughs,smiles or more/less junk mail in your mailbox.***

  • citizenearth

    I wonder if just throwing the junk mail into the rubbish bin and forget it ever existed is the simplest solution…and let as few business enterprises or companies as possible know your home address.

  • Naveed

    Very tempting, but I just use paperkarma.

  • Ron

    What a GREAT idea. Unfortunately, quoting from the USPS website … “BRM is subject to strict standards for format, markings, and addressing.” I think there might be an issue with this package but by all means let us know how it turns out.

  • J C Gruen

    I think DHS would be all over that.