• Fani

    They are probably not ‘happy’, but the pictures are nice:


  • Mike

    The sheer power …

  • Grantwhy

    Australian Salt Water Crocodile.

    I’d say that photo is from one of the tour boats that go out and feed Crocs by using a pole and rope to hold meat above the water to get the Crocs to jump up/out of the water to get to the meat.

    That one got a bit more ‘air time’ than most, but they can do that – and yes, Salt Water Crocodiles do attack, kill and eat people.

    No reports of any ignoring the meat on a stick & rope and just jumping into a tour boat ….. yet :-p

  • etim

    …or someone just tried to get frisky with an electric eel.

  • Louis

    In South Africa we only have Nile crocodiles (which this isn’t), who can’t do this.

    However, I recall seeing a nature program about one of the Central / South American species of alligator / crocodile — this particular species does leap upwards completely out of the water (almost like a great white shark breaching) to catch birds sitting on overhanging tree-branches — could be a Cayman, I’m not sure.

    So it’s possible, although whether it applies to this particular picture I’m not so sure …..it kind of looks like this one’s just enjoying himself, or the photoshop artist having a good time