This is a really happy crocodile [Amazing Photo of the Day]


I wonder if this really happened.

[via Facebook]

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  • Fani

    They are probably not ‘happy’, but the pictures are nice:

  • Mike

    The sheer power …

  • Grantwhy

    Australian Salt Water Crocodile.

    I’d say that photo is from one of the tour boats that go out and feed Crocs by using a pole and rope to hold meat above the water to get the Crocs to jump up/out of the water to get to the meat.

    That one got a bit more ‘air time’ than most, but they can do that – and yes, Salt Water Crocodiles do attack, kill and eat people.

    No reports of any ignoring the meat on a stick & rope and just jumping into a tour boat ….. yet :-p

  • etim

    …or someone just tried to get frisky with an electric eel.

  • Louis

    In South Africa we only have Nile crocodiles (which this isn’t), who can’t do this.

    However, I recall seeing a nature program about one of the Central / South American species of alligator / crocodile — this particular species does leap upwards completely out of the water (almost like a great white shark breaching) to catch birds sitting on overhanging tree-branches — could be a Cayman, I’m not sure.

    So it’s possible, although whether it applies to this particular picture I’m not so sure … kind of looks like this one’s just enjoying himself, or the photoshop artist having a good time