Awesomely beautiful Monaco [Wallpaper]

Formula 1 Grand Prix Fever at the Port Hercule of the Principali

Click above for 2560×1440 resolution or click via link below for other resolutions.

[via Crevisio]

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  • JC

    Very nice pix! (X <= thumbs up emoticon would normally go here)

    BTW Ashraf, I asked where you were just a couple of days ago, at GAOTD. But unfortunately they didn't allow the inquiry to post in the comments.

    So where have you been anyway? Your software evaluations are an important part of that site.

    Oh, and congratulations on having the 2nd most awesome wife ever. : )


  • Ernie Bell

    P.S. Beautiful picture of Monaco….

  • Ernie Bell

    ASHRAF: Your reviews and input at are appreciated. I first ‘discovered’ you and dottech at GAOTD website. Haven’t seen you commenting there recently. I always was interested in your input on the daily offering and felt it was a good service you provided. Hope you will be ‘returning’ to GAOTD soon. Best Wishes and continued success. Ernie Bell