WinSplit Revolution: Tile, resize, and position windows for efficient use of your screen

ecranEver working on a project and wished you could place two windows side by side to make it easier for you to do whatever you were doing? I know I have. Well, you know as they – be careful what you wish for… you might just get it!

WinSplit Revolution allows users to easily tile, resize, and position windows so they all fit together like blocks. Not only does this allow full use of all available screen space, but it also assists in multitasking.

The great thing about WinSplit Revolution is it does not literally “split” your screen which would involve creating and displaying different desktops for each “screen”; rather WinSplit allows you to resize windows and organize them in a fashion which is useful to you. Therefore, WinSplit is very light on computer resources.

WinSplit works in two ways – via the floating, semitransparent button panel…


…and via hotkeys:


(Take note that some features of WinSplit Revolution, such as Mosaic – which automatically positions all windows open to maximize full usage of your screen – are only available via hotkeys.)

Whenever you want to resize and tile a window, either click on the appropriate button the panel or press the appropriate hotkey while the window is active and the window will be resized and tiled accordingly. WinSplit gives users the ability to customize the default resizing and tiling settings:


Keep in mind all these options I just mentioned are accessible via the WinSplit Revolution system tray icon.

If you prefer being able to drag + resize/tile windows as opposed to using hotkeys or the panel, WinSplit Revolution allows for that too:

Here is a demo video showing exactly the kinds of things WinSplit Revolution can do:

Pretty handy, huh? To make it even better, WinSplit Revolution can be installed or be made portable (you select which one you want as one of the first steps after you run the EXE you download):


You can download WinSplit Revolution from the following links:

Version reviewed: v9.02

Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7 32 & 64 bits

WinSplit Revolution homepage [direct download]

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  • Trevor

    Revolution is a strong name for a program. But here, on windows XP, it’s so fitting. Awesome program, thanks for sharing.

  • stan

    I think this will be a useful program alright but what is the “Cleanup Tool”?

    Before I install WinSplit I would like to know if I should install the Cleanup Tool first or is its needed at all. I don’t see any information about using it on the WinSplit site.

    Has anyone found a need or used the Cleanup Tool?

  • John W

    I’ve used this program for some time but the most useful feature I find was not discussed. With duel monitors you can press and your current window is moved to the right or left monitor. Super helpful and productive!

  • ebony

    Thank you for all you do. This is a great program and I can that I will have a need for it from time to time.

    Another time saver goodie.

  • Skip James

    Thank you very much for the fantastic program. I work with thousands of files every day. Moving many files between several hard drives. Being able to have a window for each drive is wonderful. You have made my life a great deal easier.

  • Rowdy

    I frequently use dual screens of winExplorer to move files and folders between internal and external HDrives for backup etc but have had to set and resize manually. This utility is an excelent timesaver!

    Thanks for this and all your helpful info and program recommendations. :^)

  • kcs3295

    This is one of the best websites I have ever found. Thankyou for your hard work.


  • Todd


    Been using WinSplit Revolution for a while now. I run dual wide screens (24″ & 32″) so it helps to make the best use of this real estate. I highly recommend it.


  • Austinkir

    Been using PowerResizer for days now — its basically like win7’s window resizer (drag windo to screen edges to resize). This tool does seem very powerful though, thanks.

    NICE new look btw.

  • Bruce Fraser

    You did well to give credit to “Gizmo” as your source. But not everyone is familiar with, so you should also give the link.

  • Can’t miss this. Thanks

  • @tejas: I agree, Tejas. Personally, I have not yet had the chance to install it, since I first heard of it [thanks to you, Ashraf; aldo for the lead to ManicTime, a self-Management tool that tracks your time at work and/or play. It’s free.]

    Your readers should report their experience. I will, when I try to install WinSplit—right—now!!!

    But tell me, Tejas: is that monicker from Spanish Texas? or from the Sanskrit , where it means “Interior Fire”?


  • tejas

    I think I’m gonna love this app.

  • Tortuga

    Hi Ash :D

    Wow, this looks verrrry interesting!!!
    Another tool I did not know I needed, but could turn out to be quite useful indeed!!

    Each week you dig up something interesting.
    But you know, my tool box is quite full already!!! If you keep this up, I’ll never get enough time to study & understand them all …
    We don’t have 30hrs days like you :twisted:


  • Jeanjean

    I’ll try this one as soon as possible.
    Thanks again.

  • jumbi

    I wanted such a utility many many times!
    Never spend the time needed so far to search for this and now the “trusted” solution appears here!