Microsoft uses Siri to bash the iPad, again [Video]


If there’s one thing that Microsoft is doing with Windows RT, its the advertising. Just like its previous ad for Windows Tablets, this latest commercial that features the Dell XPS 10 Tablet uses Apple’s Siri to highlight the different things an iPad can’t do, but the Windows Tablet can.

This newer ad is not only much funnier (especially the end), it also has much better arguments. Doing two things at once via split screen wouldn’t make much sense on an iPhone, but on an iPad, why not? There’s much more screen real estate and the hardware would definitely be up for the task. That could introduce some performance issues down the line, however.

One of the other features that the iPad is lacking is the support for SD cards. While the decision to forego the SD card slot might have come down to wanting to simplify the industrial design (or sell you an expensive adapter), it’s hard not to admit that the feature would be useful for camera-lovers. But then again, it seems that the iPad is doing just fine without one.

It’s unfortunate that Windows RT and the Windows Tablet ecosystem has been lackluster thus far. But hey, at least they have good ads right.

[via WindowsVideos]

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