Microsoft says Internet Explorer 11 will be available for both Windows 7 and Windows 8


Internet Explorer users that don’t plan on updating to Windows 8, or even the improved Windows 8.1 later this year can now rest easy — Microsoft has confirmed that Internet Explorer 11 will be making its way to Windows 7 as well.

IE 11 is being introduced along with Windows 8.1, and its packing some notable improvements. First off, Microsoft says they’ve built it to be faster, more responsive and more battery efficient. So that’s always good. But it’s also bringing along some new technologies like support for WebGL and SPDY3. Another neat thing is that sites that are pinned to the Start Screen will now be live and update with new information — but that’s a feature that doesn’t apply to Windows 7 users of course.

Still, if you like the sound of a faster and leaner Internet Explorer on Windows 7, it looks like you’ll be covered. Eventually anyway, since Microsoft isn’t giving any timeframe for when it’ll hit arrive.

[via Engadget]

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  • David

    Some of us are still hoping for a fix that will let us install IE10 on Win 7.

    Hey, it’s just a browser, isn’t it? “No, it’s intrinsic to the O/S” said MS…

    (Will they remember that choice screen for European users or be fined yet again, I wonder…?)

  • Louis

    I have started using IE only for youtube, since dotTech gave us the code to force youtube via IE to send the video directly from their servers – eliminating the bufffering, and I have to say, it works.

    It’s also my default browser, for I don’t want to have my real first choice browser to open with 40 + tabs just to quickly view one link (which mind you often is a youtube link, so it’s 2 birds with 1 stone).

    But other than that, my usual workhorse browser is Chrome, mostly to to it’s superior speed (and some useful extensions).

    Firefox is still on my system, if only for the excellent add-on ‘toomanytabs’ (Chrome’s version is different and useless) — if my Chrome gets too overloaded, I park the tabs there on FF !

    Pity FF is still much slower (at least on my system), my heart wants to go back to using it all the time, so I regularly update it and check the speed, but after 30 minutes I’m back on Chrome, it’s just too slow

  • Ed

    IE 11 for Windows 7? they cannot even get the bugs worked out on IE 10 for Windows 7 yet.
    Doesn’t matter anyway, I’ve uninstalled Internet Explorer altogether and am using Firefox as my main browser now.

  • naveed

    Yeah right, like someone’s actually waiting for it.