Soon, you will be able to control your iPhone (and iPad) with head movements

ios 7 beta accessibilityHaving installed iOS 7 Beta on my iPhone 5, I’m always on the look out for new features that developers may discover. I will have to admit that I’m too lazy to discover these cool new features of iOS 7 Beta on my own. So, the latest of this new features happens to be a new feature which allows you to control the iPhone using your head movements.

This new feature is hidden as an option under Accessibility option in Settings. You have to activate this feature before you can control your iPhone. Right now, only the left and right head movements are possible and it’s still uncertain whether other head movements will be able to to do the same later on.

Once you activate this feature, be a little patient and keep moving your head left and right. Although some folks were able to open and close apps using the left and right head movements, I’m still unsuccessful in doing so. Other developers also noticed that the “Switch Source” feature even lets them simulate home button click, open the App Switcher, decrease and increase volume among other actions.

Got iOS 7 Beta on your iPhone or iPad devices? You might want to check out this cool, new feature.

[via 9 to 5 Mac]

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