Copied from another person’s response:

    Every other character in video memory is having bit 3 zero’ed (this probably works out to every 4th byte taking into account the color byte in text mode). “i” (0x69) becomes “a” (0x61) “o” (0x6F) becomes “g” (0x67) “l” (0x6C) becomes “d” (0x64) “,” (0x2C) becomes “$” (0x24) etc. EDIT: After Killobyte’s comment, a closer look shows it’s every 4th character, not every other character.

  • suckit


  • etim

    “Hey, Baby, why don’t you drop by and ngrmad my wandows” ?

  • Seamus McSeamus

    This happens is you leave an open bottle of Maker’s Mark next to a Windows machine.