This ring reminds you of your anniversary date… by burning your finger


24-hours before your anniversary this ring heats up to 120 ºF (49 ºC) for ten seconds. It then heats up for ten seconds every hour, on the hour until your special moment, ensuring you never forget. According the jeweler, the temperature increases as your anniversary gets closer but the ring will never burn your finger (despite what the title of this article says) — it gets hot enough to be uncomfortable but never burn.

The best part? It apparently is “maintenance free”:

It’s maintenance free! Using a micro thermopile, The Remember Ring™ converts the heat from your hand into electricity, keeping the battery charged and microchip clock running perpetually. Just specify your anniversary date when you order, and we’ll program your ring for you. Set it and forget it-until your anniversary!

The worst part? It costs $760.

[via Alaska Jewelry]

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  • arbyaitch

    My wife got me a nose ring, so I won’t be needing this ….

  • jayesstee

    [@Seamus McSeamus]
    Methinks you are forgetting this is a GADGET.  Some (with more money/credit than sense), will regard this as a “must-have”.
    You and I my friend, know that there will always be a newer, “cooler” must-have just over the horizon.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    I want to meet the person who buys this thing. $760 to do something I can already do (if needed) with my phone or computer? I don’t think so. Besides which, if you do forget your wedding anniversary, you deserve whatever wrath your spouse rains down on you.