US lawmakers want to build a national park on the Moon

The Moon

Something interesting, yet strange, is happening in the U.S. that could change the world forever — or better yet, could change the Moon forever. Apparently, Democrats are pushing to have a national park placed on the Moon for the sole purpose of protecting artifacts left for the period of the Apollo missions.

The idea to establish a national park on the surface of the Moon, came from representatives Donna Edwards (D-Md.) and Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas). They believe it is important to protect the Apollo landing sites due to more foreign nations acquiring the ability to land on the Moon. We’re not certain how they actually plan on building a national park on the surface of the Moon, but one thing is for certain, these people are dead serious.

If the bill is passed, then according to the legislation, the Moon’s very own national park should be up and running a year after. The question is, how will the U.S. government come up with the cash for such an expenditure. NASA is already finding it difficult to acquire funding to do great things in outer space, so building a national park on the Moon could be seen as waste of precious resources.

We don’t expect this plan to go forward as the Moon is not the property of the United States. Furthermore, going ahead with such an idea could cause other nations to be quite upset, which could put a strain on diplomatic relationships. Have you ever seen an angry Russian?

[via The Hill]

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