Man steals iPhones from store, leaves his Samsung Galaxy behind for the cops to find


A thief walked into a Virginia wireless store back in February of this year where he would proceed to rob the store of an unknown amount of Apple iPhone devices. For some strange reason, the thief chose to leave his Samsung Galaxy behind at the store. Whether this was on purpose due to hubris or accidentally left behind due to simple stupidity, the move came back to haunt him 5 months later.

According to the police report, one Travis Montgomery Snyder, a 25 year old male, took a glass case from the store that was filled with iPhones. Unluckily for Snyder, a surveillance camera was right there watching his every move, something he didn’t count on happening. However, it pales in comparison to Snyder who simply left his Samsung Galaxy right there for the police to track him down without much trouble.

Apparently, police officers discovered the phone by the front door of the store, just waiting to be picked up.

It is not known why it took the police so long to track down and find Snyder, but eventually they found him this past Monday and placed this not-so-smart-robber in chains. If (when) charged of the crime, Snyder could spend quite a number of years locked away — but that’s what you get for not being a smart enough iPhone thief.

[via Washington Post]

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