Check out this hacked microwave that works via voice commands and has internet access


Developer Nathan Broadbent apparently felt that his microwave wasn’t doing enough by simply heating up his food, so he hacked it.

More specifically, he combined it with a Raspberry Pi micro-computer (the type frequently used by hackers and modders) to add a plethora of new and unusual features to the cooking device, including a self-setting clock that updates itself across the Internet, a barcode scanner that takes cooking instructions from an online database (and since one doesn’t exists, Broadbent is building his own), custom sound effects, and the ability to respond to voice commands.

Not only that, but the machine can actually be controlled from a phone, and it will even send out a tweet when it’s done cooking.

I know what you’re thinking: Why turn on your microwave with your phone if you have to put food in it first? Yeah, I don’t really get that one either. Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing this modified microwave in action, check out Broadbent’s video below:

[via TechCrunch, image via]

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