• I just love programs which are simple to use, and this program is!!
    On the test image, In paint was for me, preferable.

  • Josh

    Follow up to my previous posting (#8) – Other examples of “before” and “after” shots (on other sites) look promising, but there are widely conflicting opinions about this application. This is confusing, so, in all fairness, I would suggest that one should actually try it to see if it works for you.

  • Josh

    The “after” image shown here, looks very poor in the enlarged view, even though the image is fairly simple to manipulate. Based on that, I am reluctant to download this giveaway, let alone pay for it. Even the IrfanView image looks much better. I assume that the remaining reflection could also be removed with Irfan if you spent a bit more time on that area of the image.

  • Sunfish

    Regarding the reflected pawn, InPaint left only bits of it, while the other two left the full, clear image. Now, that may have been the point…it’s kinda cool, seeing the reflection and not the pawn, in which case InPaint loses. But I did notice the reflection immediately in the Irfan View and Paint.net and then went back to look a 2nd time to find the remnants in the InPaint. So I guess I will download it, I like the “ease of use” as I seldom do this sort of thing and get really, really frustrated when I try!

  • Robb

    How does Inpaint compare to Image Mender? I’ve used IM (another GAOTD, wish I could get it again for my current machine) and was very impressed with it… not sure whether I want to try Inpaint….

  • Rowdy

    I also appreciate very much your reviews here and on the GOTD site.

    Thanks a lot. :^)

  • needtolearn

    Ashraf–I assume you do realize that, although you removed the pawn, you left its reflected image. ;)

    BTW, thank you SO much for your wonderful software reviews! I am constantly learning from you, and I rely on your opinions daily to help me decide what’s worth downloading. Please keep them coming!

  • duah

    how do you register?

  • Mario

    Hi Farrukh,
    I’m going to play dumb in here, but
    wasn’t this GAOTD InPaint software supposed to be free today? In this case, US$ 39,99 might really be somewhat expensive!!!! But maybe if it is really for free, I think it is not THAT expensive, don’t you think so?

  • AOA Ashraf,

    Come-on Bro :(. In $39.99, we just have only two tools, Polygon and Rectangle area to work with.

    We got number of free tools much better than this,which include:
    FxFoto-CNET User Rating 3.5/5.
    PhotoFiltre-CNET User Rating 4.5/5.

    I never recommend this in that price. :(