[Android] Unlock a locked device when you forget your password, code, or pattern with SMS Bypass

SMS Bypass UIWhen dealing with a mobile device it’s highly encouraged that you use a password or pattern lock to keep unauthorized users out. Of course, this helps protect your sensitive data in case you lose your phone, but it can also keep prying eyes away from your content. Unfortunately, it is possible to forget a password or custom unlock pattern. When that happens, you’re pretty much out of luck as there are very few ways to get into a password protected device, without the password. SMS Bypass is an Android application that allows you to bypass the lock screen with a simple SMS, in the off chance that you forget your pin code or unlock pattern.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

SMS Bypass secret code entrySMS Bypass will allow you to bypass the security lock on your device, in the event that you forget your pin or unlock pattern. Essentially, you enter a unique code which is stored for reference later. If you text that same code followed by the word ‘reset’ to your phone it will go through the security bypass process. It reboots the device, and after restart the lock screen settings should be reset. You do need a rooted device in order to take advantage of the application, however.


  • Allows you to send a simple text or SMS to the phone to bypass the security lock
    • Text includes the secret code followed by a preset keyword, by default it’s ‘reset’
    • You can change the secret code and the preset keyword
    • SMS Bypass block contactsYou can block various contacts from sending a text message to the app
  • Reboots the device, and resets the security lock settings


  • Not available in Google Play Store, which means you need to sideload the app
  • Requires root access in order to use SMS Bypass properly
  • There’s a bug that displays a pattern unlock screen even after a proper reboot, but entering a random pattern will dismiss the security lock


This application is not yet available from the Google Play Store, so you will have to sideload the apk package in order to install it. That means you will also need to have ‘unknown sources’ enabled in the Android developer settings, otherwise the system won’t let you install the app.

SMS Bypass Superuser Request

Also, you need root access in order to use this application. I won’t touch on the subject of rooting your Android device since it’s different for every model, but just know it’s a requirement.

SMS Bypass is a simple yet very convenient application that aids you in the event you forget your personal pin or unlock pattern. Believe me when I say it can certainly happen. Obviously, this is not an application that you want to share with friends and family, meaning you probably shouldn’t tell anyone it’s installed. Furthermore, don’t tell anyone the unique passcode you specify.

If for some reason you do pass around the secret code, you can block various contacts from sending an SMS to the app. This is great if you don’t want your older brother or pesky friend sending a code to unlock your device as a prank.

It’s quite painless really. You enter a secret code into the application which is used to reset the security lock. If you forget your pin or unlock pattern, you can simply send a text to the device with the secret code followed by the word ‘reset’. The device will then reboot, and after it has started again the security lock will be reset to the default settings. For a quick example, let’s say my secret code is ‘1234’. To unlock the device I would send a text message containing the following content: ‘1234 reset’.

SMS Bypass preset keywordIf you don’t like the preset keyword (‘reset’) then you can change it to anything you want right from the application settings screen.

There is a bug currently that will still display the pattern unlock screen even after a reboot. If this happens, you only need to enter a random pattern and the screen should go away without any further issues.

Really, that’s it for SMS Bypass. Even considering how simple it is, it could end up being a very powerful and useful tool in many situations. I can’t even begin to count the number of times a family member or friend has set a passcode on my tablet, leaving me locked out of the system completely.

Conclusion and download link

SMS Bypass aboutSMS Bypass is a very simple, yet powerful tool for Android that allows you to reboot and unlock a locked device with a simple text message. It’s certainly possible to forget your unlock pin or pattern, so this app would come in handy for situations like that. Unfortunately, it does require root access in order to use and it’s not currently available through the Google Play Store; that means not only do you have to root your device but also that you will have to sideload the app if you want it installed on your device (you will need to enable install from ‘unknown sources’). Once you get the app installed, however, it can literally be a life saver.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 2.2

Requires: No requirement listed, most likely 2.1 and up; root needed

Download size: 188KB

SMS Bypass on XDA Developers

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