Canadian town set in a stunning valley [Wallpaper]


That is the town of Banff in Alberta, Canada.

Click above for 2560×1440 resolution or click via link below for other resolutions.

[via Mohsen Kamalzadeh]

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  1. Ed

    Banff is NOT representative of wilderness in Canada. Banff is a crowded tourist town with so many stores to sell you things that you can get in your own country tourist towns. Banff also has many many many many rules due to it being in a park, which sadly is needed. To experience open spaces in the area, you need to drive everywhere or have a bicycle (but that can be limiting). I did not enjoy Banff due to having to having to drive everywhere just for some peace & quiet that “seems” to be outside one’s door as in the photo. MANY trains run right through that town & blow their horns too often & disturb quiet. There is a 4 lane highway that runs beside the town & the road noise of cars is constant. Rent or real estate is expensive & single homes are as crammed in as nearly any other city in the world as thankfully, the town size is fixed, so there is no expansion. The photo while pretty is deceiving for what you don’t experience. While it appears different from where you are, it is in many ways the same & in many ways worse & in a few ways better, as every place is. While it does get nice weather, summers are short, the altitude keeps the weather cool, which is nice for sleeping. One benefit is that the humidity is very low, but static electricity in dry winters is high. Don’t move or visit Banff & contribute to it being crowded. Banff & people have sadly ruined the wilderness for wildlife. The trains & cars kill MANY MANY wild animals each year. Money prevents railroads from preventing killing wildlife. To preserve Banff, write to the governments there to protest & tell them you won’t visit due to the lack of respect for the little wilderness that is accessible. There is a lot outside of the town, but very hard to get to & to be in.

  2. Darcy

    [@Mags] I lived in Montana for 3 1/2 years and can confirm that summers can be surprisingly hot, if not humid, up North. Of course I had to arrive there in the middle of the coldest cold snap they had in decades (January). The average temperature the entire first week was -82 f but that was including the wind chill factor. I thought I had made a HUGE mistake going there. =)

  3. Louis

    [@Mags] Thanks Mags, you are making me considering emigration ! Right now I’m working in the South of Mainland China, but the humidity is killing me, even though the sun’s rays can hardly penetrate the pollution !

  4. Mags

    [@Seamus McSeamus] Toronto isn’t exactly the best representation of Canada. The above photo is! I was born in TO and lived there most of my life and couldn’t wait to get out of that city.

    Banff is one of Canada’s most beautiful places, and the Northern Lights are spectacular.

    Almost anywhere north of Southern Ontario is beautiful, except for maybe Sudbury. LOL

  5. Mags

    [@Louis] LOL this conversation reminds me a bit of when (ahem, many years back, some Americans were crossing the border into Canada, during the middle of summer, with skis tied to the top of their car. They were expecting to see snow as soon as they crossed the border and be able to go skiing.

    Right now we are are experience the same heat wave that everyone else is.

    Currently the time is 7:43 am and the temp is 24C or 75F and humidex is 34C or 94F, the temp is expected to reach 33C or 91F, not counting the humidex. Just yesterday the humidex reached 104F at one point, and I know it went even higher than that.

    Louis, just think of South African Seasons but in reverse. Right now you are in either fall or winter, where we are having our summer.

  6. Seamus McSeamus


    I’ve only ever been to Toronto, so not exactly the wilderness. My brothers and I keep saying we’re gonna take some time off work and head up there for some fishing one of these years, but haven’t made it yet. Beautiful wilderness up there.

  7. Jimbo

    I live not too far from Banff and have visited many times. The view from inside the town is also quite beautiful. This is a major ski area in Alberta.
    By the way, Canada does have spring and summer when we actually get warm weather and can come out of our ‘igloos’ and take off the ‘parka’ for a few minutes…

  8. Louis

    My brother’s a doctor in Canada, I’ve never been there, but will go visit not long from now —- coming from South Africa, it may be too cold for me (but it doesn’t bother him).

    I’ve seen many beautiful pictures of the nature, there’s a definite attraction in that open spaces for me, China’s getting a little overcrowded and overpolluted for me nowadays !