Tip: taping together a broken CD will not make it work [Humor]


I can understand why someone without much tech knowledge would think taping a CD back together would make it work. Sadly, that doesn’t mean the CD will work.

[via Reddit]

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  • AT

    There was another time when my friend setup another friend’s DOS computer when second friend took the factory setup/boot disk and stuck it to the side of the computer case with a stereo magnet. First friend was so speechless that he just left.

  • [@AT] I actually got that call once too, from a couple of teenagers that had read about it on the email being sent around at that time. They couldn’t stop laughing long enough to pull the joke off.

    What I consider my worst caller ever was a man, sounded like he was about retirement age but I can only say he wasn’t young. He was very stubborn and when I was trying to help him, he’d ask a question. Whenever I tried to answer that question he’d say “Don’t interrupt me.” I’d get him part of the way and he’d suddenly start trying things on hi8w own from there. After the first couple tries I realized he would not listen to me until he had messed it up so I had to wait patiently until he was ready to listen again (More of the “Don’t interrupt me” stuff).

    The first call I had went over two hours and then I had the “luck” to get another call from him about a month later. That one was worse because he had talked to other reps first who had messed up his system trying to fix a non-problem. He had called in that time because his program wasn’t showing anything in the password field. He didn’t like having to enter the password all the time. Trouble is, it didn’t show the password but it remembered it. If the other tech, and there were several of them, had told him that the first time around it would have been a 3 minute call and I wouldn’t have had to deal with him again.

  • AT

    This reminds of the time my friend received a tech call about the broken cup holder on the computer. He never heard of a computer cup holder before so he inquired further.

    The caller said, “It’s the automated cup holder. You press a button and the cup holder slides out. It broke the last time I put a cup on it.”

    It was then that my friend realize the caller was talking about the CD-ROM drive tray.

    FYI. At that time 2x speed CD-ROM drives cost about $200 each.

  • Seamus McSeamus


    Don’t you hate having to reformat your CD drive? Man, that is the absolute worst! Especially if it’s one of the older ones than spin anticlockwise…

  • David Roper

    ahhhh. So, that’s the secret. Thanks, KM, Where were you when I was struggling on my own and it didn’t work? Now I know…and I have a microscope, too. But I bought the generic brand of spray oil named WD-39 and it doesn’t work.

  • KMHamm

    The problem is that the grooves in the CD are so tiny that getting them to align properly so that the needle in the drive will stay in the correct one is almost impossible. Occasionally, trying to align the pieces on the sticky side of a new label will work, but you must be sure to do this using a microscope so the grooves align properly. And do NOT forget to wipe a thin coating of WD-40 over the non-labeled CD side when finished. If, when trying this method, the CD is still “floppy” (or has become a “floppy disk”, in the parlance), try using several layers of duct tape on the label side of the CD. If this still doesn’t work, you will need to reformat your CD drive to allow for a greater number of errors. Remember to format ONLY your CD drive.

  • David Roper

    Almost everybody knows that tape will not fix a broken CD, you have to use Super Glue, then a fine emery board to remove the excess. If any bumps cannot be removed, a simple soak in warm water will soften it enough to use a finger nail clipper. I used the repair example here as a window light reflector hanging on a string in the wind. It really works.