USB microphone comes unplugged, lady calls tech support for help plugging it back in [Humor]


Uh… yeah…

[via Reddit]

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  • cpusrvc

    Ha ha. I have tons of these stories. For me, this is the most amazing, though:

    I set up small business computers to do automatic backups at night so they don’t get interrupted during the day, or not do them because they never have the time. I had one customer complain that their backup wasn’t working. After some troubleshooting over the phone, it turned out that they were turning off their computers at the end of the workday, yet couldn’t understand why the backups were not done.

  • BearPup

    This story is not far off the truth. I recently had a lady contact Microsoft Tech Support when her wireless keyboard that didn’t work anymore – “You mean there are batteries I have to change? Is that what this little compartment is for?”. Real story. And the lady was very appreciative, as I had saved her “the cost of a new keyboard”! Experiences like that keep me smiling and balance out the frustrations of doing tech support Grin!