[Windows] Ommwriter is a simple text editor with soothing music, backgrounds, and keystroke sounds

Ommwriter Dana PreviewA lot of word processing tools are meant to help you write better but they aren’t really helpful especially when it comes to keeping you away from all sorts of distractions. Thus, you end up losing your focus. Perhaps this simple text editor called Ommwriter could help set your writing mood.

What Is It and What Does It Do

Main Functionality

Ommwriter is a simple text editor that is created by Herraiz Soto & Co. Its aim is to help you create a distraction-free environment that is conducive to writing. With this editor, you can simply focus on whatever it is that you are supposed to write. It may be a very simple tool with very limited text formatting options but it has three key elements that will help you think without any distractions – tranquil music, soothing backgrounds and soft keystroke sounds.


  • Neat UI, responsive, easy-to-use
  • Features 3 audio tracks, 3 backgrounds and 3 keystroke sounds
  • Features 4 artistic font styles
  • You can change or adjust your text into 4 different sizes – very small, small, medium and large
  • Integrated word counter with Cut, Copy and Paste support
  • Can open files in .omm, .doc, .docx, .rtf or .txt formats
  • Can save files in .omm, .doc, .docx, .rtf or .txt formats
  • Can export files as PDF
  • Can be viewed in Full Screen mode
  • Adjustable and moveable text area


  • Can only save documents in limited formats (as listed above)
  • Doesn’t support custom backgrounds and custom sounds
  • No tool or option for inserting special characters
  • Doesn’t have a built-in spell checker


Ommwriter simple text editorWhat sets Ommwriter apart from other text editors is its ability to help the writer develop a peaceful environment that is free from distractions. Unlike other text editors, its tools are not primarily intended to cater to the technical aspect to writing such as text formatting, paragraph formatting, document layout, etc. Instead, it uses its three key elements (music, backgrounds and keystroke sounds) to help you think of great ideas.

What I like most about this software is its minimalist UI. It’s simple, neat and it’s very easy to use. I also like the way how it makes you feel more calm and relaxed. After all, writing is a very challenging task. It requires focus or else, you won’t be able to come up with creative thoughts and ideas. In addition, this software will also allow you listen to tranquil music so that you can focus more on your writing instead of diverting your attention to other things. The soft keystroke sounds, on the other hand, gives off a nice and calm ambiance. It lets you track every stroke that you make on your keyboard and because of the sound that it makes; you will feel like you’re playing a bunch of musical notes.

It is also important to note that Ommwriter has two versions – the free version (Dana I) and the paid version (Dana II). Both Dana I and Dana II have the exact same features but, unlike the free version, the paid version allows you to pick from more audio tracks, backgrounds, and keystroke sounds. (Free version has 3 audio tracks, 3 backgrounds and 3 keystroke sounds while paid version has 7 audio tracks, 8 backgrounds, and 7 keystroke sounds.) Nevertheless, the free version is already good enough. It will even provide you with basic text editing tools and it also has a built-in word counter. Apparently, this software has shrugged off the tools that aren’t really needed for creative writing. This software also has the ability to process documents in different file formats such as .txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf and of course – .omm.

Still, it could have been much better if this tool has a built-in spell checker. Not having a built-in dictionary is fine but in every text editor, there should always be a spell checker. After all, there are a lot of words that one could not easily spell out. Aside from this, the software also lacks the option for inserting special characters. You are also not allowed to customize the Ommwriter UI using your own audio tracks and image backgrounds.

With Ommwriter, it’s the experience of the writer that matters. It doesn’t pay much attention on the formatting. Therefore, you’re free to write or type whatever you like. You’re free to let your ideas flow. Thus, I could say that this software is definitely great for creative individuals such as poets, novelists and writers.

Conclusion and Download Link

Ommwriter did not fail to meet my expectations and despite its minimal features, it is very commendable. Like all programs, it has a couple of drawbacks but they aren’t enough to affect your overall writing experience. Plus the minimalistic idea helps you focus on what is important — your writing. So if you’re the type who easily gets distracted by those annoying background noises and other distractions while writing, you better try this software.

Price: Free (Dana I)

Note: Dana II, the paid version of this program, is temporarily available for free for Windows users

Version reviewed: 1.2

Supported OS: Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Download size: 141MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: N/A – the file is too large to scan

Is it portable? No

Ommwriter homepage

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  • Tomas Leggins

    Is the button showing on the “registration” popup window? I will install it but NOT if the button does not show, after I enter my reg. key. (Like Joan mentioned above)

  • Jeanjean

    Thanks for info.
    I’ve tried two times without success !
    I had already the same thing with “Amigabit Photo Booster” and had never found the reason !
    Yet, I install new programs regularly without any problem.

  • Arjun

    [@Jeanjean] Running in my machine on Win XP SP3.

  • Arjun

    [@stefan] The program is still available. Downloaded now, installed, followed instruction to register, running ok on Win XP SP3. You have to enter Name, email and serial number in that order. After entering serial number (I pasted it) the screen changed automatically to the writer screen. Checked version – says 1.2.(ro).

  • Jeanjean

    Install it.
    Could not run it (XP sp3) even after reboot.
    Desinstall it.

  • Mike

    P.S. As noted above, be forewarned: it’s a large download!

  • Mike

    OmmWriter Dana II (the paid version) indeed still is available for free for the PC, as of the evening of July 30 U.S. time. The Mac and iPad versions have a charge–sorry.

    “As a very small token of gratitude for your patience you can now download the paid version of Ommwriter – Dana II – for free for a limited period.”

    Just go through the download option/link at the OmmWriter website, choose the PC option, and you’ll have the option to get the II version for free; the serial number is emailed to you, along with the download link.

    Grab it!

  • Kent

    [@stefan] Yes, the download page is actually saying that that the Dana II is only free until the 15th of July but I actually tried installing it after the said period and the license code still worked. Perhaps, I got lucky but yes, this could be a possible reason why it cannot be installed.

    As for your other question, the disk space for Dana I is 51.2MB while Dana II requires at least 141MB.

  • stefan

    [@Kent] Hi Kent. Are you sure that Dana II version is still available for free? On their website’s download page it says:

    “*Dana II for Windows has take maybe too much in been fixed. Find it for free now until the 15th of July.”

    We have 31st of July today (at least here in Europe)

    … and if I may ask: what is the required minimum hard disc space for installing Dana I / Dana II version? Thanks!

  • stefan

    [@Joan] Joan I suspect your problems may be related to the fact that Dana II is stated to be available for free only “until the 15th of July.” Did you capitalized on registering it on your PC?

  • stefan

    … and what is required minimum hard disc space for installing Dana I and Dana II version if I may ask? Thanks.

  • stefan

    Hi Kent. Are you sure that Dana II version is still available for free? On their website’s download page it says:

    “*Dana II for Windows has take maybe too much in been fixed. Find it for free now until the 15th of July.”

    We have 31st of July today (at least here in Europe)

  • Joan

    [@Kent] Thanks Kent. I contacted them. Tried just hitting “enter” key too, still didn’t work. Will wait and see what they say. If anyone else has this same problem it would be great if they posted it here. Just wandering if its my computer or not.

  • Kent

    [@Joan] If you have already downloaded Dana II, the next thing that you should do is this:
    – check your email and look for the message that was sent to you by the Ommwriter crew. Follow the instructions that were stated there and make sure to write down the three details that you need to activate the license of your Dana II software – your name, email, serial number.
    So after you install the software, a box will usually pop-up and it will prompt you to key in these details. Now, I can’t recall correctly if it there was indeed a “submit” button but if you can’t see anything, try pressing “Enter”. After that, the software will eventually load in full screen… meaning, it will cover up your entire screen but it could take a little while before it loads… so you should at least wait for a few minutes. If that doesn’t happen, I suggest that you contact the Ommwriter crew directly because that issue is already out of reach.You may contact them using this link

  • Joan

    I mean downloaded it from Ommwriters website, not from here.

  • Joan

    What I installed was 141mb. I installed it from your site I believe. This was a good week of so ago.

  • Kent

    Hello [@Joan] , Could you please tell me how you installed your Dana II software? If you have Dana I already, you need to uninstall it first before you download and install Dana II.

  • Joan

    Yeah, that’s true. Just wish I could figure out why the window that pops up to install your license code has no button to push for it to be accepted. I’m stuck with the free version, even though I have a license code. Aggrevating

  • Ashraf

    [@Joan] You don’t need to go to another website to get Dana II for free — the developer’s website is offering it for free for a limited time, hit up the link provided in our review above

  • Joan

    They were giving the “pro” or Dana II version of this software away on another website. I tried to install the “key”, but there was no “accept” button to press for the code to be accepted! Anyone else have this problem?