Snowden Run 3D is just like Temple Run except you play Edward Snowden running from the NSA


Edward Snowden, who I’m sure we all know by now as the whistleblower that leaked the US government’s PRISM program, has his very own video game. It’s an endless runner too.

If you’ve ever played games like Temple Run or Canabalt, you’ll know exactly how to play it. Snowden Run 3D has the same mechanics, but everything else about the game is very different. Instead of running from monkeys in an ancient temple, you’re running from the NSA in three different levels: the NSA Head Quarters, Hong Kong and the Moscow Airport. Instead of picking up random coins, you’re picking up flash drives and laptops containing classified information.

To aid in avoiding the numerous obstacles in the game, you can give “Uncle Putin” a call on the cellphone and a  USSR hydrogen bomb is dropped and clears the way. But if you’re caught, you end up in Guantanamo bay. Yeah.

The game was developed by Michele Rocco Smeets, who describes himself as a Belgian actor/director and computer scientist. He created it in 30 hours as a contest entry, which should explain the poor visuals and gameplay. Smeets also distances himself from taking any sides and wants to remain neutral regarding the whole issue:

The game does not point a finger to either the US agencies and companies involved in the data-collection scandal nor Mr. Snowden, it attempts to remain neutral as far as a parody can be unbiased. There is absolutely no political motivation behind this game nor am I affiliated with any government agencies or Mr. Snowden.

If you’re interested in trying out Snowden Run 3D (please don’t), you can download for Android at the Google Play Store or for your PC/Mac at its website.

[via Kotaku]

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