[Android] Fast Burst Camera Lite lets you take multiple photos one after another in one click

Fast Burst Camera AppNot all Android devices have a built-in camera that could take continuous high speed shots. This type of feature is quite useful especially when you’re taking a photo of something that couldn’t stay still even for just a short period of time. If you wish to have this kind of camera, you can try this app called Fast Burst Camera Lite.

What Is It and What Does It Do

Main Functionality

Fast Burst Camera Lite is an application for Android. It is a handy camera app that is created and developed by Spritefish. What this camera app does is that it lets you take continuous high speed shots in just a single-click of a button. In just one click, you’ll get around 5 to 30 still images per second. Apparently, the frame rate per second will vary according to the type or model of your mobile device.


  • Smooth and responsive UI, easy to use
  • Can take around 5 to 30 still images per second (varies per device)
  • You can set the shooting mode to single shot, 5-burst, full burst, pre-shot or motion trigger
  • You can set the delay time between shots
  • You can save your photos to your desired location – custom app folder
  • Has its own gallery for still shots, animated GIFs and photo collages
  • Has a built-in photo editor
  • Can generate animated GIFs and photo collages
  • Has a built-in share tool for sharing images to Facebook, Twitter, Viberr, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.
  • You can delete multiple photos at once


  • Some of the photos are blurry
  • Low-res photos
  • If you’re taking shots in full burst mode, it could take a while for the app to save all of your photos.
  • The app’s advanced features are only available for premium users. You can download the full version for $3.99. If you upgrade, you’ll be able to set the app in silent mode and zoom mode. You can also adjust its exposure and activate its flash.


Fast Burst Camera LiteWith Fast Burst Camera Lite, you can take lots of photos in just one shot. This is something that you cannot usually do on your phone or tablet’s default camera unless of course, your phone has a built-in feature for taking continuous high speed shots. I find this app very useful especially when it comes to events or instances wherein you need to take a picture of a moving object. It’s also great for taking pictures of your pets as well as for taking photos of a car, a running man, a sports event and a whole lot more.

What I like about this app is that it has improved a lot. Back then, its previous versions don’t have the features that it has now so I really commend Spritefish for responding to the reviews and requests of its users. Functionality wise, Fast Burst Camera Lite can take up to 30 photos per second but that actually depends on the model of your smartphone. If you have a low-end device with a 2MP camera, you can take up to 10 photos per second. Just don’t expect that the photos will be taken in the highest possible resolution. Most of the photos will be taken in 320p or 480p resolution. Some of the photos are also blurry but you can always sort them out.

In addition, using this app has a lot of perks. First, you’re free to set or change its shooting mode to single shot, 5-burst, full burst, pre-shot or motion trigger. The 5-burst mode allows you take up to 5 photos in just a single click of the shutter button. Meanwhile, the full burst mode lets you take a full set of photos for as long as you’re pressing the shutter button. Unfortunately, this app won’t let you take photos in silent mode. It could also take a while for the app to save all of your photos. If you want to get these features, you’ll need to purchase the app’s full version which is currently available in the Play Store for $3.99. If you upgrade, you’ll also be able to use the rest of the app’s advanced features and options.

Anyways, Fast Burst Camera Lite is not just all about taking multiple photos. It also has a built-in photo editor that you can use to edit your images. You can also use the app to create collages and animated GIFs. Once you’re done, you’re free to share your creative masterpieces to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

As a wrap up, I could say that this camera app is pretty useful despite of its limitations. It’s a free app so it is already expected that its developer would restrict some of its features and options. Still, its current features are reliable enough to capture those moments that you can’t easily capture on a single shot.

Conclusion and Download Link

I like this app. It features a neat and responsive UI, it’s easy to use plus it has a lot features. You will need to upgrade to the paid version if you want some of premium versions, but you are already getting quite a bit in the free version. So if you’re currently looking for an app that will allow you take multiple shots in just a single-click of a button, better try Spritefish’s Fast Burst Camera Lite.

Price: Free

Version reviewed: 4.3.7

Requires: Android 2.2 and up

Download size: 9.2MB

Fast Burst Camera Lite on Play Store

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