Australian schools are taking a liking to Windows 8


Windows 8 has failed to take off in ways Microsoft had imagined, but that is not stopping schools in Australia from incorporating the troubled operating system throughout every classroom. The interesting thing about this deployment is how the school boards chose to go with ultrabooks and  traditional tablets along with tablets+pen as an alternative to desktop computers.

Queensland’s Varsity College is one of the first to incorporate Windows 8, and we understand over 3,200 students will benefit from this rollout. Principal of Queensland’s Varsity College, Jeff Davis, believes Windows 8 is the best choice for students as a plethora of learning related apps and tools are available for students:

“With a pen, students can make links, draw formulas and edit pictures and the whole solution becomes a multi-purpose device. Windows 8 enabled devices have far greater use than just a tablet or touch screen, as we’re able to integrate all these subjects onto one device, which could not have been achieved purely on keyboard based technology.

While we researched other options, Windows 8 is the clear leader in all of the areas of technology that we believe are fundamental to student learning, including application development, synchronicity with existing IT infrastructure and ease of use,” Davis continues, “Having researched competitors, the decision to use Microsoft came down to quality control and the knowledge that Microsoft is the global leader of providing technology in the classroom”.

Other schools to shift to Windows 8 are Ballarat Grammar, All Saints College, and Prince Alfred College.

We should point out that schools listed here are private, so until Microsoft can convince public schools to make the switch, this is not really a huge victory for Windows 8… but victory nonetheless.

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  • David Roper

    I remember Apple doing the “give computers to schools” to get them hooked.

    Now my old friend (Over 70) has ditched Windows for Apple “simply because it works together”.
    Apple does it right, it owns control.

  • RealBull

    This is a marketing strategy that Microsoft is setting up now for the future. While Apple fiddles with the aging population (yes, I mean people past their 20’s) who spend money on Apple like water, the young generation in schools will be the ones who will prefer Windows for business and personal use. It’s an old marketing strategy, hook the young on your product and you have a long going business. Don’t believe me? Just as McDonald’s.

  • David Roper

    I live in Blythewood SC in the USA. My granddaughter was using a MicroSoft Surface here in the 4th grade. She will be im the 5th grade in Sept of this year 2013 where she will continue using it. The Suface Computers running Win8 were supplied by our PUBLIC SCHOOL system to use while at school. They write to the Cloud and have GMAIL accounts.
    She is ten years old and bright. The use of PCs are not for a special class, the whole public school uses them, write essays, and learn PowerPoint presentations.

    People always kid the south for being backwoods and rednecks, but this use of PCs doesn’t seem to fit the image.

    Her “PopPop”