“We’re engineers, we can do anything” [Humor]


What I want to know is how the VP of engineering didn’t understand that the computer needs specific parts to work. I realize that there are different types of engineering and not all engineers have the same skills set, but come on — he is an engineer, you would think he at least knows the basics.

Obviously not.

[via Reddit]

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  • DaveRuff

    [@Darcy] Awesome quote!! Can it be used outside of dotTech? What is your preferred title when being given credit for it?

  • Bean counters have destroyed more than one company by trying to save it money. They have a really rotten track record.

  • Gioneo

    ” The manufacturer would send you a quote listing out all the components and the price of each component. ”

    Cables were listed separately as Dutch was able to cross them out.

    Bottom line he should be able to order them separately… Unless I’m missing something.

  • Mr.Dave

    Just because he ran the Engineering department doesn’t mean he was an Engineer. One thing about the story has me baffled: if they can ship part of the original order at a reduced cost, then there is no reason they can’t ship the other part of the order at a reduced cost. They did it once, they can do it again.