Man was tasered more than 20 times by co-workers while boss filmed the attacks

bradely jones

In this economy, some people will do anything to keep their job, but would you tolerate getting tasered more than 20 times for a 9 months period? Well, this guy did (presumably in fear of losing his job.

Bradley Jones is his name, he’s 45 and seems like a nice guy. If you should ever see him on the job, he’d probably smile at you with that face that says “good morning sir, I love my job.” However, in reality, deep down Mr. Jones wished he didn’t have to work for his employer anymore with all the abuse, but he can’t leave because he wants to buy a house and jobs are not easy to come by anymore.

Right here we have the basic gist to this story, the whole reason why he took the abuse. He wanted to buy a house, and at 45, that’s not going to be an easy task, so he played the humble fellow and took crap from his co-workers and boss.

The co-workers made videos of Mr. Jones being repeatedly shocked with a stun gun, and then have the crazy mind to post them on YouTube. Furthermore, his boss was the man behind the camera, and to make matters worse, his boss provided co-workers with the stun gun.

In the video below, you’ll see Mr. Jones laughing a little bit while being stun gunned by surprise, but don’t be fooled. As a man who wants to keep his job so badly, I’m guessing he would play it off as best as he could, especially since his boss is also in on the action. He would want to come off as a cool headed fellow who might later get to keep his job.

In the end though, Mr. Jones didn’t get that luxury, he was let go and thus now have the power to sue. More power to you Mr. Jones we hope you get $10 million at the end of this case humble sir. With that, you could visit Jamaica, take a trip to the beach, and lay in the sand while sipping on Hennessey.

[via KHOU]

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