Expendables 3 enlist Mel Gibson as lead villain

The Expendables 3 is shaping up to be another crazy, fun ride as Sylvester Stallone works his magic by recruiting new 90s super stars and getting rid of one. From what we understand, Bruce Willis is no longer set to return due to alleged reports of him wanting more money. In addition, Harrison Ford will replace him, while Mel Gibson is in as the villain.

We can’t stress enough on how excited we are to see Mel Gibson make the cut for Expendables 3. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen him done anything meaningful with his career after all the scandals in the past, but he’s back and looking good as ever.

Mel Gibson comeback to action has apparently begun with Machete Kills, where he plays a villain in a costume suit well tricked out with a cape. If you’ve watched the first Machete, you shouldn’t be surprised at this type of silliness.

Let’s touch a little bit on the Bruce Willis vs Sylvester Stallone saga.

The reports claim Bruce Willis wants $4 million to reprise his role in Expendable 3, if that is true, we’re thinking he deserves it. This is the third movie, it’s logical for Bruce Willis to request some more cash after being featured in the first two films — two films that were relatively successful, I may add. However, sources claim he wanted that amount of money for doing 4 days work in Bulgaria, so we can see where Sylvester Stallone is coming from when he called Willis “greedy and lazy” on Twitter.

At the end of the day, Expendable 3 is capable of being a successful project without Bruce Willis, especially since Mel Gibson is in the leading villain role.

[via Yahoo, Hollywood Reporter, image via Florghio]

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