“I shouldn’t be calling you!” [Humor]


Why call tech support if you don’t want them to try to help you? o_O

[via timeshaper]

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  • Seamus McSeamus

    Preach it! I just had this experience today when I had to call DirecTV about a hardware issue they “fixed” five weeks ago. I was cut off once, had to call back and explain my way through three people again whose only solution was to transfer me to someone else. Finally, I get a repair visit scheduled… but, I was a good boy and didn’t lose my cool, as much as I wanted to yell out of frustration. I really do try to remember that the person I’m talking to probably knows less about how to fix the issue than I do.

  • etim

    Why do people yell at tech support? Because they’ve likely spent the last 20-40 minutes dealing with insipid voice prompts, getting misdirected and or cut off, only to repeatedly have to start over and get put on hold again.
    And then only to reach someone who thinks that they can speak understandable English.

  • Amen brother! Testify! [I’ve been on the receiving end of that call myself]